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Package Name Access Summary Updated
xorg-randrproto public No Summary 2019-10-30
xorg-printproto public No Summary 2018-09-29
xorg-presentproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-makedepend public The incarnation of the X11 makedepend utility. 2019-03-18
xorg-libxtst public No Summary 2020-01-03
xorg-libxt public The X11 toolkit intrinsics library. 2019-06-24
xorg-libxrender public No Summary 2019-03-17
xorg-libxrandr public The Xrandr library 2019-10-30
xorg-libxpm public The X11 pixmap library. 2019-12-13
xorg-libxp public No Summary 2018-09-29
xorg-libxmu public The X11 miscellaneous utility library. 2020-01-11
xorg-libxinerama public Client library for the Xinerama extension to the X11 protocol. 2018-12-29
xorg-libxi public The input library. 2019-06-20
xorg-libxft public The FreeType library. 2019-08-29
xorg-libxfixes public No Summary 2019-03-17
xorg-libxext public The extensions library. 2019-03-19
xorg-libxdmcp public The X-windows display manager client protocol library. 2019-03-19
xorg-libxcursor public The mouse cursor control library. 2019-08-29
xorg-libxcb public No Summary 2017-02-05
xorg-libxaw3d public The X11 3D Athena widgets library. 2018-09-30
xorg-libxaw public No Summary 2018-09-30
xorg-libxau public A simple X Windows authentication protocol. 2019-03-05
xorg-libx11 public The main client library for X Windows version 11. 2019-10-11
xorg-libsm public The core session management library. 2019-03-19
xorg-libpthread-stubs public No Summary 2017-02-04
xorg-libice public The Inter-Client Exchange library. 2019-07-15
xorg-kbproto public No Summary 2019-03-05
xorg-inputproto public No Summary 2019-03-05
xorg-imake public The incarnation of the X11 IMake utility. 2019-03-18
xorg-glproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-gccmakedep public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-fontsproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-fontcacheproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-font-util public font-related utilities. 2019-08-26
xorg-fixesproto public No Summary 2019-03-05
xorg-evieext public No Summary 2018-09-16
xorg-dmxproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-damageproto public No Summary 2018-12-30
xorg-compositeproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-cf-files public No Summary 2018-09-16
xorg-bigreqsproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-applewmproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xonsh public Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell 2019-11-03
xonda public This is a thin wrapper around conda for use with xonsh 2019-02-23
xo public exofrills text editor 2020-01-26
xnumpy public Python utility functions for slices. 2018-11-09
xnat public A new XNAT client that exposes XNAT objects/functions as python objects/functions. 2019-12-12
xmltodict public Makes working with XML feel like you are working with JSON 2019-02-11
xmlschema public An XML Schema validator and decoder 2020-02-20
xmlrunner public PyUnit-based test runner with JUnit like XML reporting. 2017-12-19
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