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Package Name Access Summary Updated
catboost public Gradient boosting on decision trees library 2019-09-24
r-catboost public CatBoost is a machine learning algorithm that uses gradient boosting on decision trees. It is available as an open source library. 2019-09-24
jupyter_client public jupyter_client contains the reference implementation of the Jupyter protocol. 2019-09-24
r-digest public Implementation of a function 'digest()' for the creation of hash digests of arbitrary R objects (using the 'md5', 'sha-1', 'sha-256', 'crc32', 'xxhash', 'murmurhash' and 'spookyhash' algorithms) permitting easy comparison of R language objects, as well as functions such as'hmac()' to create hash-based message authentication code. Please note that this package is not meant to be deployed for cryptographic purposes for which more comprehensive (and widely tested) libraries such as 'OpenSSL' should be used. 2019-09-24
r-mgcv public Generalized additive (mixed) models, some of their extensions and other generalized ridge regression with multiple smoothing parameter estimation by (Restricted) Marginal Likelihood, Generalized Cross Validation and similar, or using iterated nested Laplace approximation for fully Bayesian inference. See Wood (2017) <doi:10.1201/9781315370279> for an overview. Includes a gam() function, a wide variety of smoothers, 'JAGS' support and distributions beyond the exponential family. 2019-09-24
r-ellipsis public The ellipsis is a powerful tool for extending functions. Unfortunately this power comes at a cost: misspelled arguments will be silently ignored. The ellipsis package provides a collection of functions to catch problems and alert the user. 2019-09-24
cfgrib public Maps GRIB files to the NetCDF Common Data Model with CF Convention using ecCodes 2019-09-24
petsc public PETSc: Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation 2019-09-24
r-knitr public Provides a general-purpose tool for dynamic report generation in R using Literate Programming techniques. 2019-09-24
r-callr public It is sometimes useful to perform a computation in a separate R process, without affecting the current R process at all. This packages does exactly that. 2019-09-24
ucx public Unified Communication X. 2019-09-24
pymumps public PyMUMPS: Python parallel sparse direct solver 2019-09-24
qt public Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework. 2019-09-24
thriftpy2 public Pure python implementation of Apache Thrift. 2019-09-24
c3 public A D3-based reusable chart library 2019-09-24
sos public Script of Scripts (SoS): an interactive, cross-platform, and cross-language workflow system for reproducible data analysis 2019-09-24
sos-pbs public PBS task engine for Script of Scripts (SoS) 2019-09-24
ginga public An astronomical image viewer and toolkit 2019-09-24
galsim public The modular galaxy image simulation toolkit 2019-09-23
bmi-fortran public Fortran specification for the Basic Model Interface 2019-09-23
custodian public A simple, robust and flexible just-in-time job management framework in Python. 2019-09-23
google-resumable-media public Utilities for Google Media Downloads and Resumable Uploads 2019-09-23
paintera public Python command line launcher for Paintera 2019-09-23
gmprocess public Fetch and process strong motion waveform/peak amplitude data 2019-09-23
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2019-09-23
crystals public Data structures for crystallography 2019-09-23
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-09-23
sentry-sdk public The new Python SDK for 2019-09-23
freegenes public Python API Client for FreeGenes Node 2019-09-23
libcap public Implements the user-space interfaces to the POSIX 1003.1e capabilities available in Linux kernels 2019-09-23
ldaptor public A Pure-Python Twisted library for LDAP 2019-09-23
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-09-23
climpred public an xarray wrapper for analysis of ensemble forecast models for climate prediction 2019-09-23
rioxarray public rasterio xarray extension. 2019-09-23
pelican public A tool to generate a static blog from reStructuredText or Markdown input files. 2019-09-23
simpleitk public Simplified interface to the Insight Toolkit for image registration and segmentation 2019-09-23
wisdem public Wind-Plant Integrated System Design and Engineering Model 2019-09-23
util-linux public A random collection of Linux utilities 2019-09-23
libsimpleitk public Development headers and libraries for SimpleITK a simplified interface to the Insight Toolkit. 2019-09-23
pydm public Python Display Manager 2019-09-23
localstack-ext public Extensions for LocalStack 2019-09-23
dlpack public DLPack - Open In Memory Tensor Structure 2019-09-23
cxx-compiler public A metapackage to obtain a C++ compiler 2019-09-23
c-compiler public A metapackage to obtain a C compiler 2019-09-23
compilers public A metapackage to obtain compilers 2019-09-23
fortran-compiler public A metapackage to obtain a Fortran compiler 2019-09-23
binutils-meta public A metapackage to obtain binutils 2019-09-23
nibabel public Python package to access a cacophony of neuro-imaging file formats 2019-09-23
gdb public GDB, the GNU Project debugger, allows you to see what is going on inside another program while it executes -- or what another program was doing at the moment it crashed. 2019-09-23
kitty public A cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator 2019-09-23
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