conda-forge / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
yacron public A modern Cron replacement that is Docker-friendly 2020-06-02
yaafe public No Summary 2018-07-05
y_serial public y_serial = serialization + persistence 2016-12-01
xz public Data compression software with high compression ratio 2020-07-09
xxhash public Extremely fast hash algorithm 2020-06-25
xwidgets public C++ implementation of the Jupyter Interactive widgets 2020-06-05
xwebrtc public C++ backend for the jupyter webrtc widget 2020-01-19
xvfbwrapper public run headless display inside X virtual framebuffer (Xvfb) 2019-11-03
xtl public The QuantStack tools library 2020-03-09
xtensor-r public R bindings for xtensor, the C++ tensor algebra library 2020-03-06
xtensor-python public Python bindings for xtensor, the C++ tensor algebra library 2019-12-17
xtensor-fftw public FFTW bindings for xtensor 2020-01-02
xtensor-blas public BLAS extension to xtensor 2020-03-20
xtensor public The C++ tensor algebra library 2020-04-14
xsv public A fast CSV toolkit written in Rust. 2018-10-07
xsimd public C++ Wrappers for SIMD Intrinsices 2020-06-06
xsgen public No Summary 2016-12-01
xrft public Fourier transforms for xarray data 2019-04-11
xraylib public A library for X-ray matter interaction cross sections for X-ray fluorescence applications 2020-06-21
xray-vision public Visualization widgets and plotting helpers targeted at X-Ray Sciences 2019-03-11
xproperty public C++ properties and observer pattern 2020-01-22
xplot public C++ backend for the bqplot 2-D plotting library 2020-01-22
xpdview public Visualization for x-ray scattering data 2019-02-04
xpdtools public Analysis Tools for XPD 2020-03-26
xpdsim public A simulation environment for experiments at the XPD beamline at NSLS-II 2020-07-09
xpdconf public Configuration for XPD beamlines 2020-01-16
xpdan public Analysis Tools for XPD 2019-08-01
xpdacq public Acquisition packages for XPD-28 beamline at BNL 2019-09-13
xorg-xtrans public Low-level data transport prototypes for the libraries. 2019-03-18
xorg-xproxymanagementprotocol public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-xproto public No Summary 2019-03-05
xorg-xineramaproto public No Summary 2018-12-29
xorg-xf86vidmodeproto public No Summary 2020-03-11
xorg-xf86rushproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-xf86miscproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-xf86driproto public No Summary 2018-09-16
xorg-xf86dgaproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-xf86bigfontproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-xextproto public No Summary 2019-03-05
xorg-xcmiscproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-xcb-proto public No Summary 2017-02-05
xorg-xbitmaps public Bitmaps shared between X applications 2018-09-15
xorg-windowswmproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-videoproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-util-macros public Development utility macros for software. 2019-03-04
xorg-trapproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-scrnsaverproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-resourceproto public No Summary 2018-09-15
xorg-renderproto public No Summary 2019-03-05
xorg-recordproto public No Summary 2019-10-30
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