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Package Name Access Summary Updated
r-labelled public Work with labelled data imported from 'SPSS' or 'Stata' with 'haven' or 'foreign'. This package provides useful functions to deal with "haven_labelled" and "haven_labelled_spss" classes introduced by 'haven' package. 2019-05-26
rust public Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety. This package provides the compiler (rustc) and the documentation utilities rustdoc. 2019-05-26
sip public Create Python bindings for C and C++ libraries 2019-05-26
neuron public NEURON is a simulator for models of neurons and networks of neuron. 2019-05-26
pyproj public Python interface to PROJ.4 library 2019-05-26
mpl_sample_data public Publication quality figures in Python 2019-05-26
matplotlib public Publication quality figures in Python 2019-05-26
matplotlib-base public Publication quality figures in Python 2019-05-26
pandas public High-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools. 2019-05-26
libssh public libssh - The SSH library 2019-05-26
folium public Make beautiful maps with Leaflet.js and Python 2019-05-26
geopy public Python Geocoding Toolbox. 2019-05-26
ovito public Scientific visualization and analysis software for atomistic simulation data 2019-05-26
grpc-cpp public gRPC - A high-performance, open-source universal RPC framework 2019-05-26
thriftpy2 public Pure python implementation of Apache Thrift. 2019-05-26
hypothesis public A library for property based testing 2019-05-26
mpich-mpifort public A high performance widely portable implementation of the MPI standard. 2019-05-26
mpich-mpicxx public A high performance widely portable implementation of the MPI standard. 2019-05-26
mpich-mpicc public A high performance widely portable implementation of the MPI standard. 2019-05-26
mpich public A high performance widely portable implementation of the MPI standard. 2019-05-26
shenfun public High performance computational platform for the spectral Galerkin method 2019-05-26
r-estimatr public Fast procedures for small set of commonly-used, design-appropriate estimators with robust standard errors and confidence intervals. Includes estimators for linear regression, instrumental variables regression, difference-in-means, Horvitz-Thompson estimation, and regression improving precision of experimental estimates by interacting treatment with centered pre-treatment covariates introduced by Lin (2013) <doi:10.1214/12-AOAS583>. 2019-05-26
r-ggfortify public Unified plotting tools for statistics commonly used, such as GLM, time series, PCA families, clustering and survival analysis. The package offers a single plotting interface for these analysis results and plots in a unified style using 'ggplot2'. 2019-05-26
r-rlabkey public The 'LabKey' client library for R makes it easy for R users to load live data from a 'LabKey' Server, <>, into the R environment for analysis, provided users have permissions to read the data. It also enables R users to insert, update, and delete records stored on a 'LabKey' Server, provided they have appropriate permissions to do so. 2019-05-26
sncosmo public Python library for supernova cosmology 2019-05-26
conda-forge-pinning public The baseline versions of software for the conda-forge ecosystem 2019-05-26
mppp public A modern C++ library for multiprecision arithmetic 2019-05-26
pyzotero public Python wrapper for the Zotero API 2019-05-25
proj4 public Cartographic projection software. 2019-05-25
mkl-service public Python hooks for Intel(R) Math Kernel Library runtime control settings. 2019-05-25
psyplot public Python package for interactive data visualization 2019-05-25
crochet public Use Twisted anywhere! 2019-05-25
funcargparse public Create an argparse.ArgumentParser from function docstrings 2019-05-25
docrep public Python package for docstring repetition 2019-05-25
qgis public A free and open source Geographic Information System (GIS). 2019-05-25
rst2pdf public Convert reStructured Text to PDF via ReportLab. 2019-05-25
docxtpl public Python docx template engine 2019-05-25
dealii public The deal.ii finite element package 2019-05-25
mpi public Metapackage to select the MPI variant. Use conda's pinning mechanism in your environment to control which variant you want. 2019-05-25
pymdown-extensions public Extension pack for Python Markdown. 2019-05-25
sasview public SasView is a Small Angle Scattering (SAS) analysis package 2019-05-25
fzf public A command-line fuzzy finder 2019-05-25
git-sizer public Compute various size metrics for a Git repository, flagging those that might cause problems 2019-05-25
whitebox public An advanced geospatial data analysis platform 2019-05-25
jupyterlab_pygments public Pygments syntax coloring scheme making use of the JupyterLab CSS variables 2019-05-25
fmrib-unpack public The FMRIB UKBioBank Normalisation, Processing And Cleaning Kit 2019-05-25
azure-mgmt-resource public Microsoft Azure Resource Management Client Library for Python 2019-05-25
bcrypt public Modern password hashing for your software and your servers 2019-05-25
ncl public NCAR Command Language 2019-05-25
poppler public The Poppler PDF manipulation library. 2019-05-25
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