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Package Name Access Summary Updated
libarchive public Multi-format archive and compression library 2019-11-23
holoviews public Stop plotting your data - annotate your data and let it visualize itself. 2019-11-23
deprecated public Python @deprecated decorator to deprecate old python classes, functions or methods. 2019-11-23
r-bookdown public Output formats and utilities for authoring books and technical documents with R Markdown. 2019-11-22
tqdm public A Fast, Extensible Progress Meter 2019-11-22
r-webshot public Takes screenshots of web pages, including Shiny applications and R Markdown documents. 2019-11-22
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2019-11-22
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-11-22
opencv public Computer vision and machine learning software library. 2019-11-22
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-11-22
r-roxygen2 public Generate your Rd documentation, 'NAMESPACE' file, and collation field using specially formatted comments. Writing documentation in-line with code makes it easier to keep your documentation up-to-date as your requirements change. 'Roxygen2' is inspired by the 'Doxygen' system for C++. 2019-11-22
pythonqwt public PythonQwt: Qt plotting widgets for Python 2019-11-22
landlab public A python toolkit for modeling earth surface processes 2019-11-22
pytest public Simple and powerful testing with Python. 2019-11-22
python public General purpose programming language 2019-11-22
pykep public pykep is a scientific library providing basic tools for interplanetary trajectory design. 2019-11-22
earthengine-api public Earth Engine Python API 2019-11-22
sunpy public SunPy is an open-source Python library for Solar Physics data analysis and visualization. 2019-11-22
guidata public Automatic GUI generation for easy dataset editing and display with Python 2019-11-22
great-expectations public Always know what to expect from your data. 2019-11-22
tk public A dynamic programming language with GUI support. Bundles Tcl and Tk. 2019-11-22
lightfm public A Python implementation of LightFM, a hybrid recommendation algorithm. 2019-11-22
scikit-ued public Collection of algorithms and functions for ultrafast electron diffraction 2019-11-22
asdf public Python tools to handle ASDF files 2019-11-22
pyaudi public Python exposition of the audi C++ library: Algebra of Taylor truncated polynomials and a few algorithms useful for its applications (e.g. Automated differentiation, Differential Intelligence, Taylor Models, etc.) 2019-11-22
portalocker public Portalocker is a library to provide an easy API to file locking. 2019-11-22
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2019-11-22
llvmdev public Development headers and libraries for LLVM 2019-11-22
r-bma public Package for Bayesian model averaging and variable selection for linear models, generalized linear models and survival models (cox regression). 2019-11-22
moab public The Mesh-Oriented datABase 2019-11-22
cvxopt public Convex optimization package 2019-11-22
gxx_linux-64 public GNU C++ Compiler (activation scripts) 2019-11-22
gcc_linux-64 public GNU C Compiler (activation scripts) 2019-11-22
binutils_linux-64 public The GNU Binutils are a collection of binary tools (activation scripts) 2019-11-22
binutils_impl_linux-64 public A set of programming tools for creating and managing binary programs, object files, libraries, profile data, and assembly source code. 2019-11-22
periodictable public Extensible periodic table for python 2019-11-21
pluggy public Plugin registration and hook calling for Python 2019-11-21
pyuvdata public an interface for astronomical interferometeric datasets in python 2019-11-21
timml public TimML is a multi-layer analytic element model 2019-11-21
nipy public Neuroimaging in Python FMRI analysis package 2019-11-21
youtube-dl public YouTube video downloader 2019-11-21
cling public Cling - The Interactive C++ Interpreter 2019-11-21
wagtail public A Django content management system focused on flexibility and user experience 2019-11-21
wagtail-bakery public A set of helpers for baking your Django Wagtail site out as flat files 2019-11-21
gridstack.js public gridstack.js is a jQuery plugin for widget layout 2019-11-21
django-storages public django-storages is a project to provide a variety of storage backends in a single library. 2019-11-21
d3 public Bring data to life with SVG, Canvas and HTML. 2019-11-21
handlebars.js public Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration. 2019-11-21
chart.js public Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag 2019-11-21
chalk public Terminal string styling done right 2019-11-21
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