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Package Name Access Summary Updated
pyca public PyCA - lightweight bindings for Python applications to access EPICS PVs. 2019-10-20
terraform-provider-docker public The Terraform Docker provider 2019-10-20
terraform-provider-ns1 public The Terraform NS1 provider 2019-10-20
terraform-provider-gitlab public The Terraform GitLab provider 2019-10-20
terraform-provider-vault public The Terraform Vault provider 2019-10-20
terraform-provider-powerdns public The Terraform PowerDNS provider 2019-10-20
terraform-provider-fastly public The Terraform Fastly provider 2019-10-20
terraform-provider-alicloud public The Terraform AliCloud provider 2019-10-20
terraform-provider-packet public The Terraform Packet provider 2019-10-20
terraform-provider-opentelekomcloud public The Terraform OpenTelekomCloud provider 2019-10-20
rb-github-pages public Bootstrap the GitHub Pages Jekyll environment locally 2019-10-20
pynamodb public A Pythonic interface for Amazon’s DynamoDB that supports Python 2 and 3. 2019-10-20
supervisor public A Process Control System 2019-10-19
spiceypy public The NASA JPL NAIF SPICE toolkit wrapper written in Python 2019-10-19
trimesh public Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes. 2019-10-19
ros-pluginlib public The pluginlib package provides tools for writing and dynamically loading plugins. 2019-10-19
thermofun public Standalone library for calculating temperature and pressure corrections of thermodynamic data for substances and reactions. 2019-10-19
plotly public An interactive, browser-based graphing library for Python 2019-10-19
r-matrixtests public Functions to perform fast statistical hypothesis tests on rows/columns of matrices. The main goals are: 1) speed via vectorization, 2) output that is detailed and easy to use, 3) compatibility with tests implemented in R (like those available in the 'stats' package). 2019-10-19
django-leaflet public django-leaflet allows you to use Leaflet in your Django projects. 2019-10-19
ros-class-loader public The class_loader package is a ROS-independent package for loading plugins during runtime and the 2019-10-19
libcxx public C++ standard library 2019-10-19
uglify-js public JavaScript parser / mangler / compressor / beautifier toolkit 2019-10-19
ros-cpp-common public cpp_common contains C++ code for doing things that are not necessarily ROS related, but are useful 2019-10-19
r-bma public Package for Bayesian model averaging and variable selection for linear models, generalized linear models and survival models (cox regression). 2019-10-19
sbcl public Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) is a high performance Common Lisp compiler 2019-10-19
ros-common-msgs public common_msgs contains messages that are widely used by other ROS packages. 2019-10-19
ros-stereo-msgs public stereo_msgs contains messages specific to stereo processing. 2019-10-19
pywavelets public Discrete Wavelet Transforms in Python 2019-10-19
pipenv public Python Development Workflow for Humans. 2019-10-19
ros-rosconsole public ROS console output library. 2019-10-19
geventhttpclient public A high performance, concurrent http client library for python with gevent 2019-10-19
applaunchservices public Simple package for registering an app with apple Launch Services to handle UTI and URL 2019-10-19
bareditor public Interactive python image-processing plugin framework 2019-10-19
ros-shape-msgs public This package contains messages for defining shapes. 2019-10-19
ros-visualization-msgs public visualization_msgs is a set of messages used by rviz et al. 2019-10-19
ros-trajectory-msgs public This package defines messages for defining robot trajectories. 2019-10-19
ros-roslisp public Lisp client library for ROS, the Robot Operating System. 2019-10-19
ros-nav-msgs public nav_msgs defines the common messages used to interact with the navigation stack. 2019-10-19
ros-sensor-msgs public This package defines messages for commonly used sensors. 2019-10-19
r-data.table public Fast aggregation of large data (e.g. 100GB in RAM), fast ordered joins, fast add/modify/delete of columns by group using no copies at all, list columns, friendly and fast character-separated-value read/write. Offers a natural and flexible syntax, for faster development. 2019-10-19
libsolv public Library for solving packages and reading repositories 2019-10-19
r-rcppthread public Provides a C++11-style thread class and thread pool that can safely be interrupted from R. 2019-10-19
r-exact2x2 public Calculates conditional exact tests (Fisher's exact test, Blaker's exact test, or exact McNemar's test) and unconditional exact tests (including score-based tests on differences in proportions, ratios of proportions, and odds ratios, and Boshcloo's test) with appropriate matching confidence intervals, and provides power and sample size calculations. Gives melded confidence intervals for the binomial case. Gives boundary-optimized rejection region test (Gabriel, et al, 2018, <DOI:10.1002/sim.7579>), an unconditional exact test for the situation where the controls are all expected to fail. 2019-10-19
clickhouse-driver public Python driver with native interface for ClickHouse 2019-10-19
sos public Script of Scripts (SoS): an interactive, cross-platform, and cross-language workflow system for reproducible data analysis 2019-10-19
schedula public An intelligent function scheduler, which selects and executes functions. 2019-10-19
pyshacl public A Python validator for SHACL 2019-10-19
namaster public pseudo-Cl power spectra w/ masking for spin-0 and spin-2 fields 2019-10-19
libxkbcommon public keymap handling library for toolkits and window systems 2019-10-19
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