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Package Name Access Summary Updated
sfepy public Simple finite elements in Python 2020-07-02
labelme public Image Polygonal Annotation with Python (polygon, rectangle, circle, line, point and image-level flag annotation). 2020-07-02
libtvm public Open Deep Learning Compiler Stack 2020-07-02
r-glmmtmb public Fit linear and generalized linear mixed models with various extensions, including zero-inflation. The models are fitted using maximum likelihood estimation via 'TMB' (Template Model Builder). Random effects are assumed to be Gaussian on the scale of the linear predictor and are integrated out using the Laplace approximation. Gradients are calculated using automatic differentiation. 2020-07-02
r-tidyquant public Bringing financial analysis to the 'tidyverse'. The 'tidyquant' package provides a convenient wrapper to various 'xts', 'zoo', 'quantmod', 'TTR' and 'PerformanceAnalytics' package functions and returns the objects in the tidy 'tibble' format. The main advantage is being able to use quantitative functions with the 'tidyverse' functions including 'purrr', 'dplyr', 'tidyr', 'ggplot2', 'lubridate', etc. See the 'tidyquant' website for more information, documentation and examples. 2020-07-02
pgure-svt public Singular value thresholding for denoising time-resolved microscopy 2020-07-02
sagemaker-tensorflow-container public SageMaker TensorFlow Containers is an open source library for making the TensorFlow framework run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-07-02
jupytab-server public Connect Tableau to your Jupyter Notebook 2020-07-02
neuron public NEURON is a simulator for models of neurons and networks of neuron. 2020-07-02
pillow public Pillow is the friendly PIL fork by Alex Clark and Contributors 2020-07-02
itemadapter public Common interface for different data containers 2020-07-02
xarray_leaflet public An xarray extension for tiled map plotting. 2020-07-02
portion public Python data structure and operations for intervals 2020-07-02
gradle public Gradle - an open-source build-automation system 2020-07-02
r-genlasso public Provides fast algorithms for computing the solution path for generalized lasso problems. Important use cases are the fused lasso over an arbitrary graph, and trend fitting of any given polynomial order. Specialized implementations for the latter two problems are given to improve stability and speed. 2020-07-02
r-n1qn1 public Provides 'Scilab' 'n1qn1', or Quasi-Newton BFGS "qn" without constraints and 'qnbd' or Quasi-Newton BFGS with constraints. This takes more memory than traditional L-BFGS. The n1qn1 routine is useful since it allows prespecification of a Hessian. If the Hessian is near enough the truth in optimization it can speed up the optimization problem. Both algorithms are described in the 'Scilab' optimization documentation located at <>. 2020-07-02
geemap public A Python package for interactive mapping using Google Earth Engine and ipyleaflet 2020-07-02
hcrystalball public A time series library that unifies the API for most commonly used libraries and modelling techniques for time-series forecasting in the Python ecosystem. 2020-07-02
openpyxl public A Python library to read/write Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm files 2020-07-02
intel-graphics-compiler public The Intel(R) Graphics Compiler for OpenCL(TM) is an llvm based compiler for OpenCL(TM) targeting Intel Gen graphics hardware architecture. 2020-07-02
quantecon public QuantEcon is a package to support all forms of quantitative economic modelling. 2020-07-02
catalogue public Super lightweight function registries for your library 2020-07-02
sunode public Python interface to sundials with support for derivatives and PyMC3 2020-07-02
kartothek public A consistent table management library in python 2020-07-02
r-nomclust public Package for hierarchical clustering of objects characterized by nominal variables. 2020-07-02
empymod public Open-source full 3D electromagnetic modeller for 1D VTI media 2020-07-02
ipycytoscape public Python implementation of the graph visualization tool Cytoscape 2020-07-02
aiida-core public AiiDA, an automated interactive infrastructure and database for computational science 2020-07-02 public AiiDA, an automated interactive infrastructure and database for computational science 2020-07-02
pyprocar public A Python library for electronic structure pre/post-processing. 2020-07-02
locustio public Website load testing framework 2020-07-02
py-openimageio public Simple but powerful APIs for reading & writing many image formats 2020-07-02
openimageio public Simple but powerful APIs for reading & writing many image formats 2020-07-02
rio-toa public Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) calculations for Landsat 8 2020-07-02
micromamba public Micromamba is a tiny version of mamba, the fast conda package installer. 2020-07-02
petsc public PETSc: Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation 2020-07-02
mamba public A fast drop-in alternative to conda, using libsolv for dependency resolution 2020-07-02
r-clustermq public Evaluate arbitrary function calls using workers on HPC schedulers in single line of code. All processing is done on the network without accessing the file system. Remote schedulers are supported via SSH. 2020-07-02
r-mda public Mixture and flexible discriminant analysis, multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARS), BRUTO, ... 2020-07-02
datacube public Data analysis environment for earth observation data 2020-07-02
binpacking public Heuristic distribution of weighted items to bins (either a fixed number of bins or a fixed number of volume per bin). Data may be in form of list, dictionary, list of tuples or csv-file. 2020-07-02
dlpack public DLPack - Open In Memory Tensor Structure 2020-07-02
dmlc public Distributed Machine Learning Common Codebase 2020-07-02
ai2thor public AI2 Thor is a lightweight AI framework that interacts with the Unity3d Game Engine. 2020-07-02
eelbrain public MEG/EEG analysis tools 2020-07-02
numpydoc public Numpy's Sphinx extensions 2020-07-02
pcdswidgets public PyDM library of widgets for the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) at SLAC 2020-07-02
pcdsdevices public Collection of Ophyd device subclasses for IOCs unique to the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) at SLAC 2020-07-02
typhos public Automatic-yet-customizable Graphical User Interface Generation for Ophyd Devices 2020-07-02
isl public a thread-safe C library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by affine constraints. 2020-07-02
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