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Package Name Access Summary Updated
r-skimr public A simple to use summary function that can be used with pipes and displays nicely in the console. The default summary statistics may be modified by the user as can the default formatting. Support for data frames and vectors is included, and users can implement their own skim methods for specific object types as described in a vignette. Default summaries include support for inline spark graphs. Instructions for managing these on specific operating systems are given in the "Using skimr" vignette and the README. 2019-11-21
static-frame public Immutable structures for one- and two-dimensional calculations with labelled axis 2019-11-21
spleeter public The Deezer source separation library with pretrained models based on tensorflow. 2019-11-21
compas public The COMPAS framework 2019-11-21
ktextwidgets public Text editing widgets 2019-11-21
reaktoro public A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems 2019-11-21
skyfield public Elegant astronomy for Python 2019-11-21
py_stringmatching public Python library for string matching. 2019-11-21
arch-py public Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (ARCH) and other tools for financial econometrics 2019-11-21
diff-cover public Automatically find diff lines that need test coverage. 2019-11-21
kiwipy public A python remote communications library 2019-11-21
bonsu public Bonsu - The Interactive Phase Retrieval Suite 2019-11-21
alchemical-analysis public An open tool implementing some recommended practices for analyzing alchemical free energy calculations. 2019-11-21
clease public CLuster Expansion in Atomic Simulation Environment 2019-11-21
r-tidytree public Phylogenetic tree generally contains multiple components including node, edge, branch and associated data. 'tidytree' provides an approach to convert tree object to tidy data frame as well as provides tidy interfaces to manipulate tree data. 2019-11-21
pyxtensor public pybind11 details for xtensor 2019-11-21
pooch public A friend to fetch your data files 2019-11-21
selectors2 public Back-ported, durable, and portable selectors 2019-11-21
fs.sshfs public Pyfilesystem2 over SSH using paramiko 2019-11-21
hankel public Hankel Transformations using method of Ogata 2005 2019-11-21
pudb public A full-screen, console-based Python debugger 2019-11-21
r-tidyverse public The 'tidyverse' is a set of packages that work in harmony because they share common data representations and 'API' design. This package is designed to make it easy to install and load multiple 'tidyverse' packages in a single step. Learn more about the 'tidyverse' at <>. 2019-11-21
thermofun public Standalone library for calculating temperature and pressure corrections of thermodynamic data for substances and reactions. 2019-11-21
asyncpg public A fast PostgreSQL Database Client Library for Python/asyncio. 2019-11-21
kglobalaccel public Global desktop keyboard shortcuts 2019-11-21
imagingreso public a tool to simulate neutron resonance signal for neutron resonance imaging 2019-11-21
conda-bash-completion public Bash completion for the conda commmand. 2019-11-21
aiormq public aiormq is a pure python AMQP client library 2019-11-21
kservice public Plugin framework for desktop services 2019-11-21
cling public Cling - The Interactive C++ Interpreter 2019-11-21
miniwdl public Developer toolkit for the Workflow Description Language (WDL) 2019-11-21
hypothesis public A library for property based testing 2019-11-20
pytest-mock public Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test 2019-11-20
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2019-11-20
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-11-20
clangdev public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2019-11-20
clang_variant public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2019-11-20
attica public Open Collaboration Service client library 2019-11-20
iteration_utilities public Utilities based on Pythons iterators and generators. 2019-11-20
kcrash public Graceful handling of application crashes 2019-11-20
igl public Simple python geometry processing library 2019-11-20
solid public Desktop hardware abstraction 2019-11-20
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-11-20
topika public A python remote communications library 2019-11-20
sonnet public Multi-language spell checker 2019-11-20
mo-future public More future! Make Python 2/3 compatibility a bit easier 2019-11-20
moz-sql-parser public Extract Parse Tree from SQL 2019-11-20
teensytoany public A Pythonic way to control the TeensyToAny debugging board 2019-11-20
kwindowsystem public Access to the windowing system 2019-11-20
sense2vec public word2vec with NLP-specific tokens 2019-11-20
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