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Package Name Access Summary Updated
pikepdf public A Python library for reading and writing PDF, powered by qpdf 2020-08-06
python-pdal public Point Data Abstraction Library (PDAL) Python Package 2020-08-06
iscan public iscan helps you identify your project's third-party dependencies 2020-08-06
cheroot public Highly-optimized, pure-python HTTP server 2020-08-06
r-ipaddress public Classes and functions for working with IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and networks, inspired by the Python 'ipaddress' module. Offers full support for both IPv4 and IPv6 (Internet Protocol versions 4 and 6) address spaces. It is specifically designed to work well with the 'tidyverse'. 2020-08-06
parcels public Probably A Really Computationally Efficient Lagrangian Simulator 2020-08-06
conda-forge-repodata-patches public generate tweaks to index metadata, hosted separately from index 2020-08-06
google-crc32c public Python wrapper for a hardware-based implementation of the CRC32C hashing algorithm 2020-08-06
google-cloud-core public API Client library for Google Cloud: Core Helpers 2020-08-06
sagemaker-mxnet-serving-container public Open source library for creating MXNet containers to run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-08-06
setuptools-rust public Setuptools rust extension plugin 2020-08-06
pyavm public A pure-Python module to represent, read, and write metadata following the Astronomy Visualization Metadata (AVM) standard 2020-08-06
go-gvisor public Container Runtime Sandbox 2020-08-06
grpcio public HTTP/2-based RPC framework 2020-08-06
sagemaker-tensorflow-container public SageMaker TensorFlow Containers is an open source library for making the TensorFlow framework run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-08-06
orjson public orjson is a fast, correct JSON library for Python. 2020-08-06
geemap public A Python package for interactive mapping using Google Earth Engine and ipyleaflet 2020-08-06
dbf public Pure python package for reading/writing dBase, FoxPro, and Visual FoxPro .dbf files (including memos) 2020-08-06
ffmpeg public Cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. 2020-08-06
compas public The COMPAS framework 2020-08-06
gwpy public A python package for gravitational-wave astrophysics 2020-08-06
r-tidyr public Tools to help to create tidy data, where each column is a variable, each row is an observation, and each cell contains a single value. 'tidyr' contains tools for changing the shape (pivoting) and hierarchy (nesting and 'unnesting') of a dataset, turning deeply nested lists into rectangular data frames ('rectangling'), and extracting values out of string columns. It also includes tools for working with missing values (both implicit and explicit). 2020-08-06
dtale public D-Tale is the combination of a Flask back-end and a React front-end to bring you an easy way to view & analyze Pandas data structures 2020-08-06
pyomicron public Python utilities and extensions for the Omicron (C++) GW event trigger generator 2020-08-06
nss public A set of libraries designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications. 2020-08-06
pyfesom2 public FESOM2 tools 2020-08-06
pytest-httpserver public pytest-httpserver is a httpserver for pytest 2020-08-06
mongomock public Small library for mocking pymongo collection objects for testing purposes 2020-08-06
google-cloud-datastore public Python Client for Google Cloud Datastore 2020-08-06
r-distillery public Some very simple method functions for confidence interval calculation, bootstrap resampling, and to distill pertinent information from a potentially complex object; primarily used in common with packages extRemes and SpatialVx. 2020-08-06
pyilluminate public Python interface for controlling the Illuminate boards. 2020-08-06
nspr public A platform-neutral API for system level and libc-like functions. 2020-08-06
hyperspy-dev public Multi-dimensional data analysis 2020-08-06
hyperspy-base public Multi-dimensional data analysis 2020-08-06
hyperspy public Multi-dimensional data analysis 2020-08-06
klib public Customized data preprocessing functions for frequent tasks. 2020-08-06
azure-datalake-store public This project is the Python filesystem library for Azure Data Lake Store 2020-08-06
f90wrap public Fortran to Python interface generator with derived type support. 2020-08-06
lsstdesc.weaklensingdeblending public Weak lensing fast simulations and analysis for the LSST DESC 2020-08-06
hyperspy-gui-traitsui public traitsui GUI elements for HyperSpy. 2020-08-06
hyperspy-gui-ipywidgets public ipywidgets GUI elements for HyperSpy. 2020-08-06
casadi public CasADi is a symbolic framework for numeric optimization 2020-08-06
pandana public Pandas Network Analysis - dataframes of network queries, quickly 2020-08-06
jupyterlab-sos public A JupyterLab extension for SoS Polyglot Notebook and Workflow System 2020-08-06
r-mice public Multiple imputation using Fully Conditional Specification (FCS) implemented by the MICE algorithm as described in Van Buuren and Groothuis-Oudshoorn (2011) <doi:10.18637/jss.v045.i03>. Each variable has its own imputation model. Built-in imputation models are provided for continuous data (predictive mean matching, normal), binary data (logistic regression), unordered categorical data (polytomous logistic regression) and ordered categorical data (proportional odds). MICE can also impute continuous two-level data (normal model, pan, second-level variables). Passive imputation can be used to maintain consistency between variables. Various diagnostic plots are available to inspect the quality of the imputations. 2020-08-06
r-gt public Build display tables from tabular data using with an easy-to-use API. With its progressive approach, we can construct display tables with a clear separation of concerns: you don''t have to decide how the tabular data gets transformed and structured whilst also worrying about aesthetics. 2020-08-06
mo-future public More future! Make Python 2/3 compatibility a bit easier 2020-08-06
versioned-hdf5 public Versioned HDF5 provides a versioned abstraction on top of h5py. 2020-08-05
pytest-selenium public pytest-selenium is a plugin for py.test that provides support for running Selenium based tests. 2020-08-05
datefinder public A python module for locating dates inside text. 2020-08-05
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