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Package Name Access Summary Updated
pyqtgraph public No Summary 2019-11-17
pyasn1 public ASN.1 types and codecs 2019-11-17
d3 public Bring data to life with SVG, Canvas and HTML. 2019-11-17
dsnparse public parse dsn urls 2019-11-17
tiledb public TileDB sparse and dense multi-dimensional array data management 2019-11-17
iteration_utilities public Utilities based on Pythons iterators and generators. 2019-11-16
libdrs public Data Retrieval and Storage DRS software Fortran library 2019-11-16
r-rcppeigen public R and 'Eigen' integration using 'Rcpp'. 'Eigen' is a C++ template library for linear algebra: matrices, vectors, numerical solvers and related algorithms. It supports dense and sparse matrices on integer, floating point and complex numbers, decompositions of such matrices, and solutions of linear systems. Its performance on many algorithms is comparable with some of the best implementations based on 'Lapack' and level-3 'BLAS'. The 'RcppEigen' package includes the header files from the 'Eigen' C++ template library (currently version 3.3.4). Thus users do not need to install 'Eigen' itself in order to use 'RcppEigen'. Since version 3.1.1, 'Eigen' is licensed under the Mozilla Public License (version 2); earlier version were licensed under the GNU LGPL version 3 or later. 'RcppEigen' (the 'Rcpp' bindings/bridge to 'Eigen') is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later, as is the rest of 'Rcpp'. 2019-11-16
phonopy public Phonopy is an open source package for phonon calculations at harmonic and quasi-harmonic levels. 2019-11-16
r-leaflet public Create and customize interactive maps using the 'Leaflet' JavaScript library and the 'htmlwidgets' package. These maps can be used directly from the R console, from 'RStudio', in Shiny applications and R Markdown documents. 2019-11-16
glymur public Tools for accessing JPEG2000 files 2019-11-16
libwebp public WebP image library 2019-11-16
python-jsonrpc-server public A Python 2.7 and 3.4+ server implementation of the JSON RPC 2.0 protocol. 2019-11-16
openpmd-api public C++ & Python API for writing & reading (.h5, .bp, .json, ...), serial & MPI parallel openPMD files. 2019-11-16 public Minimal Python 2 & 3 shim around all Qt bindings - PySide, PySide2, PyQt4 and PyQt5. 2019-11-16
r-biocmanager public A convenient tool to install and update Bioconductor packages. 2019-11-16
conda-forge-repodata-patches public generate tweaks to index metadata, hosted separately from index 2019-11-16
xlsxwriter public A Python module for creating Excel XLSX files 2019-11-16
pytest public Simple and powerful testing with Python. 2019-11-15
libcf public LibCF library access data files in accordance with the CF Conventions. 2019-11-15
arrow-cpp public C++ libraries for Apache Arrow 2019-11-15
libarchive public Multi-format archive and compression library 2019-11-15
libtiff public Support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF). 2019-11-15
python-neo public A Python package for representing and reading electrophysiology data. 2019-11-15
pytest-mpl public pytest plugin to help with testing figures output from Matplotlib 2019-11-15
gdal public GDAL is a translator library for raster and vector geospatial data formats that is released under an X/MIT style Open Source license by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. 2019-11-15
libgdal public The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) 2019-11-15
dash-renderer public Front-end component renderer for dash 2019-11-15
dash-core-components public Dash UI core component suite 2019-11-15
dash-html-components public Dash UI HTML component suite 2019-11-15
reproject public The reproject package implements image reprojection (resampling) methods for astronomical data. 2019-11-15
nodejs public a platform for easily building fast, scalable network applications 2019-11-15
emcee public The Python ensemble sampling toolkit for affine-invariant MCMC 2019-11-15
gammapy public A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy 2019-11-15
ctds public DB API 2.0-compliant Linux driver for SQL Server 2019-11-15
r-taxize public Interacts with a suite of web 'APIs' for taxonomic tasks, such as getting database specific taxonomic identifiers, verifying species names, getting taxonomic hierarchies, fetching downstream and upstream taxonomic names, getting taxonomic synonyms, converting scientific to common names and vice versa, and more. 2019-11-15
azure-mgmt-resource public Microsoft Azure Resource Management Client Library for Python 2019-11-15
ptscotch public PT-SCOTCH: (Parallel) Static Mapping, Graph, Mesh and Hypergraph Partitioning, and Parallel and Sequential Sparse Matrix Ordering Package 2019-11-15
scotch public SCOTCH: Static Mapping, Graph, Mesh and Hypergraph Partitioning, and Parallel and Sequential Sparse Matrix Ordering Package 2019-11-15
petsc4py public Python bindings for PETSc 2019-11-15
otrobopt public Robust optimization module 2019-11-15
dask public Parallel PyData with Task Scheduling 2019-11-15
gxx_linux-64 public GNU C++ Compiler (activation scripts) 2019-11-15
gcc_linux-64 public GNU C Compiler (activation scripts) 2019-11-15
binutils_linux-64 public The GNU Binutils are a collection of binary tools (activation scripts) 2019-11-15
elasticsearch public Python client for Elasticsearch 2019-11-15
pygrib public Python GRIB (editions 1 and 2) reader. 2019-11-15
owslib public OGC Web Service utility library 2019-11-15
planet public Planet API Client 2019-11-15
dask-core public Parallel Python with task scheduling 2019-11-14
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