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Package Name Access Summary Updated
nlohmann_json public JSON for Modern C++ 2019-11-19
suitesparse public A suite of sparse matrix algorithms 2019-11-19
eccodes public ECMWF ecCodes Copyright 2005-2018 ECMWF. 2019-11-19
r-catboost public CatBoost is a machine learning algorithm that uses gradient boosting on decision trees. It is available as an open source library. 2019-11-19
bottleneck public Fast NumPy array functions written in Cython. 2019-11-19
poppler public The Poppler PDF manipulation library. 2019-11-19
great-expectations public Always know what to expect from your data. 2019-11-19
pymapd public A python DB API 2 compatible client for mapd. 2019-11-19
preshed public Cython Hash Table for Pre-Hashed Keys 2019-11-19
pytest-html public pytest plugin for generating HTML reports 2019-11-19
freud public The freud Python library provides a simple, flexible, powerful set of tools for analyzing trajectories obtained from molecular dynamics or Monte Carlo simulations. High performance, parallelized C++ is used to compute standard tools such as radial distribution functions, correlation functions, order parameters, and clusters, as well as original analysis methods including potentials of mean force and torque (PMFTs) and local environment matching. The freud library uses NumPy arrays for input and output, enabling integration with the scientific Python ecosystem for many typical materials science workflows. 2019-11-19
flake8-comprehensions public A flake8 plugin that helps you write better list/set/dict comprehensions. 2019-11-19
pycryptodomex public Cryptographic library for Python 2019-11-19
cymem public Manage calls to calloc/free through Cython 2019-11-19
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2019-11-18
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-11-18
locust public Website load testing framework 2019-11-18
lightkurve public A friendly package for Kepler & TESS time series analysis in Python. 2019-11-18
mne public MNE python project for MEG and EEG data analysis. 2019-11-18
r-randomforestsrc public Fast OpenMP parallel computing of Breiman's random forests for survival, competing risks, regression and classification based on Ishwaran and Kogalur's popular random survival forests (RSF) package. Handles missing data and now includes multivariate, unsupervised forests, quantile regression and solutions for class imbalanced data. New fast interface using subsampling and confidence regions for variable importance. 2019-11-18
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-11-18
tiledb-py public Python interface to the TileDB sparse and dense multi-dimensional array storage manager 2019-11-18
conda-forge-pinning public The baseline versions of software for the conda-forge ecosystem 2019-11-18
ecos public Python interface for ECOS, a lightweight conic solver for second-order cone programming 2019-11-18
trimesh public Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes. 2019-11-18
traits public traits - explicitly typed attributes for Python 2019-11-18
r-shinyfiles public Provides functionality for client-side navigation of the server side file system in shiny apps. In case the app is running locally this gives the user direct access to the file system without the need to "download" files to a temporary location. Both file and folder selection as well as file saving is available. 2019-11-18
r-shinywidgets public Collection of custom input controls and user interface components for 'Shiny' applications. Give your applications a unique and colorful style ! 2019-11-18
r-modeest public Provides estimators of the mode of univariate data or univariate distributions. 2019-11-18
r-scales public Graphical scales map data to aesthetics, and provide methods for automatically determining breaks and labels for axes and legends. 2019-11-18
tableone public Create Table 1 for research papers in Python 2019-11-18
pynumero_libraries public Libraries for PyNumero, a python package for numerical optimization 2019-11-18
moab public The Mesh-Oriented datABase 2019-11-18
r-protviz public Helps with quality checks, visualizations and analysis of mass spectrometry data, coming from proteomics experiments. The package is developed, tested and used at the Functional Genomics Center Zurich. We use this package mainly for prototyping, teaching, and having fun with proteomics data. But it can also be used to do data analysis for small scale data sets. 2019-11-18
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2019-11-18
cchardet public cChardet is high speed universal character encoding detector 2019-11-18
simplejson public Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python 2019-11-18
geopandas public Geographic pandas extensions. 2019-11-18
r-gganimate public The grammar of graphics as implemented in the 'ggplot2' package has been successful in providing a powerful API for creating static visualisation. In order to extend the API for animated graphics this package provides a completely new set of grammar, fully compatible with 'ggplot2' for specifying transitions and animations in a flexible and extensible way. 2019-11-18
tqdm public A Fast, Extensible Progress Meter 2019-11-18
moto public A library that allows your python tests to easily mock out the boto library. 2019-11-18
chealpix public Software for pixelization, hierarchical indexation, synthesis, analysis, and visualization of data on the sphere. 2019-11-18
libhdfs3 public A Native C/C++ HDFS Client 2019-11-17
ablog public ABlog for blogging with Sphinx 2019-11-17
tabulate public Pretty-print tabular data in Python, a library and a command-line utility. 2019-11-17
pyjanitor public Python implementation of the R package janitor. 2019-11-17
cloudpickle public Extended pickling support for Python objects 2019-11-17
portalocker public Portalocker is a library to provide an easy API to file locking. 2019-11-17
json-rpc public JSON-RPC transport realisation 2019-11-17
r-zcompositions public Principled methods for the imputation of zeros, left-censored and missing data in compositional data sets. 2019-11-17
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