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Package Name Access Summary Updated
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-09-19
pybind11 public Seamless operability between C++11 and Python 2019-09-19
fastavro public Fast read/write of AVRO files 2019-09-19
great-expectations public Always know what to expect from your data. 2019-09-19
pyarrow public Python libraries for Apache Arrow 2019-09-19
arrow-cpp public C++ libraries for Apache Arrow 2019-09-19
tidy_headers public Easy headers, inspired by the tidy data specification. 2019-09-19
libitk public Runtime libraries and header files for the Insight Toolkit for segmentation and registration. 2019-09-19
pygridgen public Python interface to gridgen by Pavel Sakov 2019-09-19
libcdms public Climate Data Management System library 2019-09-19
pystan public Python interface to Stan, a package for Bayesian inference 2019-09-19
libdrs public Data Retrieval and Storage DRS software Fortran library 2019-09-19
ldas-tools-ldasgen public Filters library used by ldas-tools 2019-09-19
jdatetime public Jalali datetime binding for python 2019-09-19
snuggs public Snuggs are s-expressions for NumPy 2019-09-19
dash-core-components public Dash UI core component suite 2019-09-19
python-nds2-client public Python extensions for NDS2 2019-09-19
nds2-client-swig public NDS2 Client interface SWIG wrappings 2019-09-19
packaging public Core utilities for Python packages 2019-09-19
piranha public The Piranha computer algebra system. 2019-09-19
lscsoft-glue public Grid LSC User Engine 2019-09-19
ligo-segments public Representations of semi-open intervals 2019-09-19
ligo-common public Base package for `ligo` python namespace 2019-09-19
mpich public A high performance widely portable implementation of the MPI standard. 2019-09-19
tqdm public A Fast, Extensible Progress Meter 2019-09-19
mplleaflet public Convert Matplotlib plots into Leaflet web maps 2019-09-19
progressbar2 public A Python Progressbar library to provide visual (yet text based) progress to long running operations. 2019-09-19
r-catboost public CatBoost is a machine learning algorithm that uses gradient boosting on decision trees. It is available as an open source library. 2019-09-19
diffoscope public in-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories 2019-09-19
r-ggspectra public Additional annotations, stats, geoms and scales for plotting "light" spectra with 'ggplot2', together with specializations of ggplot() and autoplot() methods for spectral data and waveband definitions stored in objects of classes defined in package 'photobiology'. Part of the 'r4photobiology' suite, Aphalo P. J. (2015) <doi:10.19232/uv4pb.2015.1.14>. 2019-09-18
r-photobiology public Definitions of classes, methods, operators and functions for use in photobiology and radiation meteorology and climatology. Calculation of effective (weighted) and not-weighted irradiances/doses, fluence rates, transmittance, reflectance, absorptance, absorbance and diverse ratios and other derived quantities from spectral data. Local maxima and minima. Conversion between energy- and photon-based units. Wavelength interpolation. Astronomical calculations related solar angles and day length. Colours and vision. This package is part of the 'r4photobiology' suite, Aphalo P. J. (2015) <doi:10.19232/uv4pb.2015.1.14>. 2019-09-18
flex public The Fast Lexical Analyzer 2019-09-18
islpy public Wrapper around isl, an integer set library 2019-09-18
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2019-09-18
ppl public No Summary 2019-09-18
netcdf-fortran public Unidata NetCDF Fortran Library 2019-09-18
properties public documentation, validation, tab completion, serialization of properties 2019-09-18
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-09-18
dash public A Python framework for building reactive web-apps. 2019-09-18
pytest-doctestplus public Pytest plugin with advanced doctest features 2019-09-18
libcf public LibCF library access data files in accordance with the CF Conventions. 2019-09-18
fsleyes-widgets public A collection of wxPython widgets used by FSLeyes 2019-09-18
pymbolic public A package for symbolic computation 2019-09-18
gsd public General simulation data 2019-09-18
clang_osx-64 public clang compilers for conda-build 3 2019-09-18
r-lambda.r public A language extension to efficiently write functional programs in R. Syntax extensions include multi-part function definitions, pattern matching, guard statements, built-in (optional) type safety. 2019-09-18
dash-renderer public Front-end component renderer for dash 2019-09-18
freetds public FreeTDS is a free implementation of Sybase's DB-Library, CT-Library, and ODBC libraries 2019-09-18
datamash public GNU datamash is a command-line program which performs basic numeric,textual and statistical operations on input textual data files. 2019-09-18
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2019-09-18
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