conda-forge / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
git public distributed version control system 2019-12-06
hypothesis public A library for property based testing 2019-12-06
python public General purpose programming language 2019-12-06
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-12-06
fiona public Fiona reads and writes spatial data files 2019-12-06
spyder-kernels public Jupyter kernels for Spyder's console 2019-12-05
cdo public CLI tools to manipulate and analyse Climate and NWP model Data 2019-12-05
cmake public CMake is an extensible, open-source system that manages the build process 2019-12-05
msprime public A fast and accurate coalescent simulator. 2019-12-05
iris-grib public Iris GRIB interface 2019-12-05
fenics public FEniCS is a collection of free software for automated, efficient solution of differential equations 2019-12-05
magics public ECMWF's Meteorological plotting software 2019-12-05
jax public Differentiate, compile, and transform Numpy code 2019-12-05
assimulo public A package for solving ordinary differential equations and differential algebraic equations. 2019-12-05
octave public GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations 2019-12-05
nco public Suite of programs for manipulating NetCDF/HDF4 files 2019-12-05
libcxx public C++ standard library 2019-12-04
gpi public GPI - Graphical Programming Interface Development Framework 2019-12-04
mdanalysis public An object-oriented library to analyze molecular dynamics trajectories generated by CHARMM, Gromacs, NAMD, LAMMPS, or Amber. 2019-12-04
healpy public Healpix tools package for Python 2019-12-04
petsc public PETSc: Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation 2019-12-03
postgresql public PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. 2019-12-03
compliance-checker public Checks Datasets and SOS endpoints for standards compliance 2019-12-03
conda-forge-pinning public The baseline versions of software for the conda-forge ecosystem 2019-12-03
sphinx public Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation 2019-12-02
openblas public An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 1.13 BSD version 2019-12-02
libopenblas public An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 1.13 BSD version 2019-12-02
imagemagick public Software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. 2019-12-01
pyopenssl public Python wrapper module around the OpenSSL library 2019-12-01
ipython public IPython: Productive Interactive Computing 2019-12-01
setuptools public Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages 2019-12-01
pyproj public Python interface to PROJ library 2019-12-01
leptonica public Useful for image processing and image analysis applications 2019-12-01
rpy2 public Python interface to the R language (embedded R) 2019-11-29
cartopy public A library providing cartographic tools for python. 2019-11-29
llvmdev public Development headers and libraries for LLVM 2019-11-28
aiohttp public Async http client/server framework (asyncio) 2019-11-28
libstdcxx-ng public The GNU C++ Runtime Library 2019-11-28
libgcc-ng public The GCC low-level runtime library 2019-11-28
crosstool-ng public A versatile (cross-)toolchain generator. 2019-11-28
conda public OS-agnostic, system-level binary package and environment manager. 2019-11-28
pdal public Point Data Abstraction Library (PDAL) 2019-11-28
ca-certificates public Certificates for use with other packages. 2019-11-28
ruamel_yaml public A patched copy of ruamel.yaml. 2019-11-28
pycamb public Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background 2019-11-28
camb public Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background 2019-11-28
gdal public GDAL is a translator library for raster and vector geospatial data formats that is released under an X/MIT style Open Source license by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. 2019-11-28
libgdal public The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) 2019-11-28
libspatialite public Extend the SQLite core to support fully fledged Spatial SQL capabilities 2019-11-28
cspice public NASA ancillary information system 2019-11-28
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