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Package Name Access Summary Updated
ophyd public Ophyd - EPICS Client Abstractions 2019-06-18
ncl public NCAR Command Language 2019-06-18
mrcz public Python module for compressed MRCZ-file format 2019-06-18
citrination-client public Reference implementation in python for Citrination api 2019-06-18
pygslodeiv2 public Python binding for odeiv2 interface from GNU Scientific Library (GSL) 2019-06-18
shap public A unified approach to explain the output of any machine learning model. 2019-06-18
pynac public SageMath support library for symbolic computations 2019-06-18
trio-asyncio public A re-implementation of the asyncio mainloop on top of Trio 2019-06-18
namaster public pseudo-Cl power spectra w/ masking for spin-0 and spin-2 fields 2019-06-18
libbraiding public cbraid/braiding are C++ libraries for computations on braid groups 2019-06-18
r-anytime public Convert input in any one of character, integer, numeric, factor, or ordered type into 'POSIXct' (or 'Date') objects, using one of a number of predefined formats, and relying on Boost facilities for date and time parsing. 2019-06-18
libflint public No Summary 2019-06-18
toastedmarshmallow public A JIT implementation for Marshmallow to speed up dumping and loading objects. 2019-06-18
gtk2 public Primary library used to construct user interfaces in GNOME applications. 2019-06-18
cythongsl public CythonGSL provides a Cython interface for the GNU Scientific Library (GSL). 2019-06-18
lcalc public No Summary 2019-06-18
jupyterlab_code_formatter public A universal code formatter for JupyterLab. 2019-06-18
cvxopt public Convex optimization package 2019-06-18
pyagrum public A wrapper for the Agrum library, to make flexible and scalable probabilistic graphical models. 2019-06-18
google-cloud-sdk public Command-line interface for Google Cloud Platform products and services 2019-06-18
gap public GAP - Groups, Algorithms, Programming, a System for Computational Discrete Algebra 2019-06-18
gap-core public GAP - Groups, Algorithms, Programming, a System for Computational Discrete Algebra 2019-06-18
nco public Suite of programs for manipulating NetCDF/HDF4 files. 2019-06-18
giac public Giac/Xcas is a free computer algebra system 2019-06-18
libhomfly public Library to compute the homfly polynomial of a link. 2019-06-18
fflas-ffpack public Finite Field Linear Algebra Subroutines / Package 2019-06-18
sympow public A package to compute special values of symmetric power elliptic curve L-functions 2019-06-18
pycbc public Core library to analyze gravitational-wave data, find signals, and study their parameters. 2019-06-18
cysignals public interrupt and signal handling for Cython 2019-06-18
atlite public Atlite converts climate weather data for Power Systems Analysis 2019-06-18
python-backtrace public Makes Python tracebacks human friendly 2019-06-18
r-upsetr public Creates visualizations of intersecting sets using a novel matrix design, along with visualizations of several common set, element and attribute related tasks. 2019-06-18
fsspec public A specification for pythonic filesystems 2019-06-18
torsiondrive public Dihedral scanner with wavefront propagation 2019-06-18
dask-mpi public Deploy Dask using MPI4Py 2019-06-18
trollimage public Pytroll imaging library 2019-06-18
qcengine public A wrapper for Quantum Chemistry engines that adheres to the MolSSI ( QCSchema. 2019-06-18
barril public Python package to manage units for physical quantities 2019-06-18
libradolan public C++ library for reading and working with the RADOLAN data format of the German Weather Service (DWD). 2019-06-18
sisl public Toolbox for electronic structure calculations and large scale transport 2019-06-18
orange3-text public Orange3 add-on for analyzing textual data. 2019-06-18
pytest-html public pytest plugin for generating HTML reports 2019-06-18
conda-forge-pinning public The baseline versions of software for the conda-forge ecosystem 2019-06-18
gsl public GNU Scientific Library 2019-06-18
maxima public Maxima is a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions. 2019-06-18
pari public PARI/GP is a widely used computer algebra system designed for fast computations in number theory 2019-06-18
uproot public ROOT I/O in pure Python and Numpy. 2019-06-18
uproot-base public ROOT I/O in pure Python and Numpy. 2019-06-18
autodiff public Automatic differentiation in C++ couldn't be simpler. 2019-06-18
eclib public The eclib package includes mwrank (for 2-descent on elliptic curves over Q) and modular symbol code used to create the elliptic curve database. 2019-06-18
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