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Package Name Access Summary Updated
r-biganalytics public Extend the 'bigmemory' package with various analytics. Functions 'bigkmeans' and 'binit' may also be used with native R objects. For 'tapply'-like functions, the bigtabulate package may also be helpful. For linear algebra support, see 'bigalgebra'. For mutex (locking) support for advanced shared-memory usage, see 'synchronicity'. 2020-06-02
pyerfa public Python bindings for ERFA routines 2020-06-02
cmocka public An elegant unit testing framework for C with support for mock objects. 2020-06-02
httpcore public The next generation HTTP client. 2020-06-02
libxsmm public Library targeting Intel Architecture for specialized dense and sparse matrix operations, and deep learning primitives. 2020-06-02
nodeenv public Node.js virtual environment builder 2020-06-02
tzdata public Provider of IANA time zone data 2020-06-02
diffprivlib public IBM Differential Privacy Library 2020-06-02
pyrosar public A Python Framework for Large-Scale SAR Satellite Data Processing 2020-06-02
r-tcpl public A set of tools for processing and modeling high-throughput and high-content chemical screening data. The package was developed for the the chemical screening data generated by the US EPA ToxCast program, but can be used for diverse chemical screening efforts. 2020-06-02
cf-plot public Climate contour, vector and line plots in Python 2020-06-02
r-phytools public A wide range of functions for phylogenetic analysis. Functionality is concentrated in phylogenetic comparative biology, but also includes numerous methods for visualizing, manipulating, reading or writing, and even inferring phylogenetic trees and data. Included among the functions in phylogenetic comparative biology are various for ancestral state reconstruction, model-fitting, simulation of phylogenies and data, and multivariate analysis. There are a broad range of plotting methods for phylogenies and comparative data which include, but are not restricted to, methods for mapping trait evolution on trees, for projecting trees into phenotypic space or a geographic map, and for visualizing correlated speciation between trees. Finally, there are a number of functions for reading, writing, analyzing, inferring, simulating, and manipulating phylogenetic trees and comparative data not covered by other packages. For instance, there are functions for randomly or non-randomly attaching species or clades to a phylogeny, for estimating supertrees or consensus phylogenies from a set, for simulating trees and phylogenetic data under a range of models, and for a wide variety of other manipulations and analyses that phylogenetic biologists might find useful in their research. 2020-06-02
r-rlas public Read and write 'las' and 'laz' binary file formats. The LAS file format is a public file format for the interchange of 3-dimensional point cloud data between data users. The LAS specifications are approved by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing <>. The LAZ file format is an open and lossless compression scheme for binary LAS format versions 1.0 to 1.3 <>. 2020-06-02
andes public A Python package for power system symbolic modeling and numerical simulation 2020-06-02
newrelic public New Relic Python Agent 2020-06-02
docker-py public Python client for Docker. 2020-06-02
pytest public Simple and powerful testing with Python. 2020-06-02
digital_rf public Work with data in the Digital RF and Digital Metadata formats. 2020-06-02
pynwb public A Python API for working with Neurodata stored in the NWB Format 2020-06-02
wcwidth public Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes. 2020-06-02
exa public A modern version of ‘ls’ 2020-06-02
fast-cdr public eProsima FastCDR 2020-06-02
ligo.skymap public Tools for reading, writing, manipulating, and making LIGO and Virgo sky maps 2020-06-02
google-cloud-sdk public Command-line interface for Google Cloud Platform products and services 2020-06-02
xeus-python public Jupyter kernel for the Python programming language based on xeus 2020-06-02
av public Pythonic bindings for FFmpeg. 2020-06-02
toytree public Minimalist tree plotting library using Toyplot. 2020-06-02
pipenv public Python Development Workflow for Humans. 2020-06-02
libedit public Command line editor library provides generic line editing, history, and tokenization functions, similar to those found in GNU Readline. 2020-06-02
lazygit public A simple terminal UI for git commands, written in Go with the gocui library. 2020-06-02
sentinelhub public Sentinel Hub Utilities 2020-06-02
google-auth public Google authentication library for Python 2020-06-02
yacron public A modern Cron replacement that is Docker-friendly 2020-06-02
pyslim public Tools for dealing with tree sequences coming to and from SLiM. 2020-06-02
xeus-cling public Cling-based C++ kernel for Jupyter based on xeus 2020-06-02
libtiledb-sql public libtiledb-sql is a SQL interface for TileDB arrays using the MyTile storage engine 2020-06-02
diagrams public Diagram as Code 2020-06-02
terraform-provider-helm public The Terraform Helm provider 2020-06-02
fvcore public Collection of common code shared among different research projects in FAIR computer vision team 2020-06-02
smdebug-rulesconfig public Amazon SageMaker Debugger is designed to be a debugger for machine learning models.. 2020-06-02
hvplot public A high-level plotting API for the PyData ecosystem built on HoloViews 2020-06-02
mamba public A fast drop-in alternative to conda, using libsolv for dependency resolution 2020-06-02
conda-forge-pinning public The baseline versions of software for the conda-forge ecosystem 2020-06-02
r-ggedit public Interactively edit 'ggplot2' layer and theme aesthetics definitions. 2020-06-02
workalendar public Worldwide holidays and working days helper and toolkit. 2020-06-02
luigi public Workflow mgmgt + task scheduling + dependency resolution. 2020-06-02
yaml public A C library for parsing and emitting YAML 2020-06-02
voila-material public Material template for Voila 2020-06-02
ctd public Tools to load hydrographic data formats as pandas DataFrames 2020-06-02
jupyterlab-git public A Git extension for JupyterLab 2020-06-02
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