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Package Name Access Summary Updated
postgresql-plpython public The plpythonu postgresql extension 2019-07-16
postgresql public PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. 2019-07-16
libpq public The postgres runtime libraries and utilities (not the server itself) 2019-07-16
pyreadr public read R RData and Rds files into pandas data frames 2019-07-16
pika public Pure Python RabbitMQ/AMQP 0-9-1 client library 2019-07-16
dash-core-components public Dash UI core component suite 2019-07-16
futures public Backport of the concurrent.futures package from Python 3.2 2019-07-16
epysurv public Epidemiological surveillance in Python 2019-07-16
notebook public A web-based notebook environment for interactive computing 2019-07-16
polyfempy public Easy-to-use powerfull finite element library based on Polyfem 2019-07-16
cpu_features public A cross platform C99 library to get cpu features at runtime 2019-07-16
django-filter public Django-filter is a a generic system for filtering Django QuerySets based on user selections 2019-07-16
minuit2 public This is the Minuit2 fitter standalone edition, from the ROOT toolkit. For information about the Minuit2 fitter, please see the documentation in ROOT. 2019-07-16
minuit2_standalone public This is the Minuit2 fitter standalone edition, from the ROOT toolkit. For information about the Minuit2 fitter, please see the documentation in ROOT. 2019-07-16
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2019-07-16
gnuplot public Gnuplot, plotting from command line 2019-07-16
djangorestframework public Web APIs for Django, made easy 2019-07-16
gtk2 public Primary library used to construct user interfaces in GNOME applications 2019-07-16
earthengine-api public Earth Engine Python API 2019-07-16
plotly public An interactive, browser-based graphing library for Python 2019-07-16
trimesh public Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes. 2019-07-16
prefect public The Prefect Core automation engine 2019-07-16
jupyter_server public Jupyter Server 2019-07-16
faker public Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you 2019-07-16
biopython public Collection of freely available tools for computational molecular biology 2019-07-16
h5py public Read and write HDF5 files from Python 2019-07-16
jupyterhub-yarnspawner public Spawn JupyterHub servers in Apache Hadoop/YARN containers 2019-07-16
cudatoolkit-dev public Develop, Optimize and Deploy GPU-accelerated Apps 2019-07-16
xrviz public Interactive visualisation interface for Xarrays 2019-07-16
pyagrum public A wrapper for the Agrum library, to make flexible and scalable probabilistic graphical models. 2019-07-16
youtube-dl public YouTube video downloader 2019-07-16
cenpy public Explore and download data from Census APIs 2019-07-16
cytominer_database public cytominer-database provides command-line tools for organizing measurements extracted from images. 2019-07-16
virtualenv public Virtual Python Environment builder 2019-07-16
pango public Text layout and rendering engine. 2019-07-16
r-scatterplot3d public Plots a three dimensional (3D) point cloud. 2019-07-16
aruco public A minimal library for Augmented Reality applications based on OpenCV 2019-07-16
fribidi public The Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm. 2019-07-16
r-pracma public Provides a large number of functions from numerical analysis and linear algebra, numerical optimization, differential equations, time series, plus some well-known special mathematical functions. Uses 'MATLAB' function names where appropriate to simplify porting. 2019-07-16
tweepy public An easy-to-use Python library for accessing the Twitter API 2019-07-16
pyferret public An Analysis Tool for Gridded and Non-Gridded Data. 2019-07-16
django_polymorphic public Seamless Polymorphic Inheritance for Django Models 2019-07-16
conda-forge-pinning public The baseline versions of software for the conda-forge ecosystem 2019-07-16
planet public Planet API Client 2019-07-16
magpylib public A simple, user friendly Python 3 toolbox for calculating magnetic fields from permanent magnets and current distributions. 2019-07-16
jupyter_sphinx public Include Jupyter outputs in Sphinx documentation. 2019-07-16
pocean-core public A python framework for working with met-ocean data. 2019-07-16
r-princurve public Fitting a principal curve to a data matrix in arbitrary dimensions. Hastie and Stuetzle (1989) <doi:10.2307/2289936>. 2019-07-16
sat-stac public A Python library for working with Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalogs (STAC) 2019-07-16
certifi public Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle. 2019-07-16
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