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r-qtl public Analysis of experimental crosses to identify genes (called quantitative trait loci, QTLs) contributing to variation in quantitative traits. 2019-07-18
r-rncl public An interface to the Nexus Class Library which allows parsing of NEXUS, Newick and other phylogenetic tree file formats. It provides elements of the file that can be used to build phylogenetic objects such as ape's 'phylo' or phylobase's 'phylo4(d)'. This functionality is demonstrated with 'read_newick_phylo()' and 'read_nexus_phylo()'. 2019-07-18
r-rtsne public An R wrapper around the fast T-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding implementation by Van der Maaten (see <> for more information on the original implementation). 2019-07-18
r-rarpack public Previously an R wrapper of the 'ARPACK' library <>, and now a shell of the R package 'RSpectra', an R interface to the 'Spectra' library <> for solving large scale eigenvalue/vector problems. The current version of 'rARPACK' simply imports and exports the functions provided by 'RSpectra'. New users of 'rARPACK' are advised to switch to the 'RSpectra' package. 2019-07-18
r-randomfieldsutils public Various utilities are provided that might be used in spatial statistics and elsewhere. It delivers a method for solving linear equations that checks the sparsity of the matrix before any algorithm is used. Furthermore, it includes the Struve functions. 2019-07-18
r-rngwell public It is a dedicated package to WELL pseudo random generators, which were introduced in Panneton et al. (2006), ``Improved Long-Period Generators Based on Linear Recurrences Modulo 2'', ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software. But this package is not intended to be used directly, you are strongly __encouraged__ to use the 'randtoolbox' package, which depends on this package. 2019-07-18
r-rgtk2 public Facilities in the R language for programming graphical interfaces using Gtk, the Gimp Tool Kit. 2019-07-18
r-r2html public Includes HTML function and methods to write in an HTML file. Thus, making HTML reports is easy. Includes a function that allows redirection on the fly, which appears to be very useful for teaching purpose, as the student can keep a copy of the produced output to keep all that he did during the course. Package comes with a vignette describing how to write HTML reports for statistical analysis. Finally, a driver for 'Sweave' allows to parse HTML flat files containing R code and to automatically write the corresponding outputs (tables and graphs). 2019-07-18
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-07-18
r-rmpfr public Arithmetic (via S4 classes and methods) for arbitrary precision floating point numbers, including transcendental ("special") functions. To this end, the package interfaces to the 'LGPL' licensed 'MPFR' (Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable) Library which itself is based on the 'GMP' (GNU Multiple Precision) Library. 2019-07-18
tiledb public TileDB sparse and dense multi-dimensional array data management 2019-07-18
r-r.cache public Memoization can be used to speed up repetitive and computational expensive function calls. The first time a function that implements memoization is called the results are stored in a cache memory. The next time the function is called with the same set of parameters, the results are momentarily retrieved from the cache avoiding repeating the calculations. With this package, any R object can be cached in a key-value storage where the key can be an arbitrary set of R objects. The cache memory is persistent (on the file system). 2019-07-18
r-recommended public R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. 2019-07-18
r-sjstats public Collection of convenient functions for common statistical computations, which are not directly provided by R's base or stats packages. This package aims at providing, first, shortcuts for statistical measures, which otherwise could only be calculated with additional effort (like standard errors or root mean squared errors). Second, these shortcut functions are generic (if appropriate), and can be applied not only to vectors, but also to other objects as well (e.g., the Coefficient of Variation can be computed for vectors, linear models, or linear mixed models; the r2()-function returns the r-squared value for 'lm', 'glm', 'merMod' and other model objects). The focus of most functions lies on summary statistics or fit measures for regression models, including generalized linear models, mixed effects models and Bayesian models. However, some of the functions also deal with other statistical measures, like Cronbach's Alpha, Cramer's V, Phi etc. 2019-07-18
r-questionr public Set of functions to make the processing and analysis of surveys easier : interactive shiny apps and addins for data recoding, contingency tables, dataset metadata handling, and several convenience functions. 2019-07-18
r-rentrez public Provides an R interface to the NCBI's 'EUtils' API, allowing users to search databases like 'GenBank' <> and 'PubMed' <>, process the results of those searches and pull data into their R sessions. 2019-07-18
doc8 public Doc8 is an opinionated style checker for rst (with basic support for plain text) styles of documentation. 2019-07-18
r-caret public Misc functions for training and plotting classification and regression models. 2019-07-18
r-rwave public A set of R functions which provide an environment for the Time-Frequency analysis of 1-D signals (and especially for the wavelet and Gabor transforms of noisy signals). It was originally written for Splus by Rene Carmona, Bruno Torresani, and Wen L. Hwang, first at the University of California at Irvine and then at Princeton University. Credit should also be given to Andrea Wang whose functions on the dyadic wavelet transform are included. Rwave is based on the book: "Practical Time-Frequency Analysis: Gabor and Wavelet Transforms with an Implementation in S", by Rene Carmona, Wen L. Hwang and Bruno Torresani (1998, eBook ISBN:978008053942), Academic Press. 2019-07-18
r-yardstick public Tidy tools for quantifying how well model fits to a data set such as confusion matrices, class probability curve summaries, and regression metrics (e.g., RMSE). 2019-07-18
r-rvg public Vector Graphics devices for Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. Functions extending package 'officer' are provided to embed 'DrawingML' graphics into 'Microsoft PowerPoint' presentations and 'Microsoft Excel' workbooks. 2019-07-18
r-sem public Functions for fitting general linear structural equation models (with observed and latent variables) using the RAM approach, and for fitting structural equations in observed-variable models by two-stage least squares. 2019-07-18
r-sel public This package implements a novel method for fitting a bounded probability distribution to quantiles (for example stated by an expert), see Bornkamp and Ickstadt (2009) for details. For this purpose B-splines are used, and the density is obtained by penalized least squares based on a Brier entropy penalty. The package provides methods for fitting the distribution as well as methods for evaluating the underlying density and cdf. In addition methods for plotting the distribution, drawing random numbers and calculating quantiles of the obtained distribution are provided. 2019-07-18
r-seriation public Infrastructure for ordering objects with an implementation of several seriation/sequencing/ordination techniques to reorder matrices, dissimilarity matrices, and dendrograms. Also provides (optimally) reordered heatmaps, color images and clustering visualizations like dissimilarity plots, and visual assessment of cluster tendency plots (VAT and iVAT). 2019-07-18
r-tcltk2 public A series of additional Tcl commands and Tk widgets with style and various functions (under Windows 2019-07-18
r-rvcheck public Check latest release version of R and R package (both in 'CRAN', 'Bioconductor' or 'Github'). 2019-07-18
r-sda public Provides an efficient framework for high-dimensional linear and diagonal discriminant analysis with variable selection. The classifier is trained using James-Stein-type shrinkage estimators and predictor variables are ranked using correlation-adjusted t-scores (CAT scores). Variable selection error is controlled using false non-discovery rates or higher criticism. 2019-07-18
r-semtools public Provides useful tools for structural equation modeling. 2019-07-18
r-shinyace public Ace editor bindings to enable a rich text editing environment within Shiny. 2019-07-18
r-shinydashboard public Create dashboards with 'Shiny'. This package provides a theme on top of 'Shiny', making it easy to create attractive dashboards. 2019-07-18
r-sendmailr public Package contains a simple SMTP client which provides a portable solution for sending email, including attachment, from within R. 2019-07-18
r-settings public Provides option settings management that goes beyond R's default 'options' function. With this package, users can define their own option settings manager holding option names, default values and (if so desired) ranges or sets of allowed option values that will be automatically checked. Settings can then be retrieved, altered and reset to defaults with ease. For R programmers and package developers it offers cloning and merging functionality which allows for conveniently defining global and local options, possibly in a multilevel options hierarchy. See the package vignette for some examples concerning functions, S4 classes, and reference classes. There are convenience functions to reset par() and options() to their 'factory defaults'. 2019-07-18
r-showimage public Sometimes it is handy to be able to view an image file on an 'R' graphics device. This package just does that. Currently it supports 'PNG' files. 2019-07-18
r-snowfall public Usability wrapper around snow for easier development of parallel R programs. This package offers e.g. extended error checks, and additional functions. All functions work in sequential mode, too, if no cluster is present or wished. Package is also designed as connector to the cluster management tool sfCluster, but can also used without it. 2019-07-18
r-ssanv public A set of functions to calculate sample size for two-sample difference in means tests. Does adjustments for either nonadherence or variability that comes from using data to estimate parameters. 2019-07-18
r-sroc public This package contains a collection of functions to perform nonparametric estimation of receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves for continuous data. 2019-07-18
r-sm public This is software linked to the book 'Applied Smoothing Techniques for Data Analysis - The Kernel Approach with S-Plus Illustrations' Oxford University Press. 2019-07-18
r-solrium public Provides a set of functions for querying and parsing data from 'Solr' 2019-07-18
r-sparsepp public Provides interface to 'sparsepp' - fast, memory efficient hash map. It is derived from Google's excellent 'sparsehash' implementation. We believe 'sparsepp' provides an unparalleled combination of performance and memory usage, and will outperform your compiler's unordered_map on both counts. Only Google's 'dense_hash_map' is consistently faster, at the cost of much greater memory usage (especially when the final size of the map is not known in advance). 2019-07-18
r-teachingdemos public Demonstration functions that can be used in a classroom to demonstrate statistical concepts, or on your own to better understand the concepts or the programming. 2019-07-18
r-sparklyr public R interface to Apache Spark, a fast and general engine for big data processing, see <>. This package supports connecting to local and remote Apache Spark clusters, provides a 'dplyr' compatible back-end, and provides an interface to Spark's built-in machine learning algorithms. 2019-07-18
r-spacyr public An R wrapper to the 'Python' 'spaCy' 'NLP' library, from <>. 2019-07-18
r-startupmsg public Provides utilities to create or suppress start-up messages. 2019-07-18
r-tester public tester allows you to test characteristics of common R objects. 2019-07-18
xmitgcm public Read MITgcm mds binary files into xarray 2019-07-18
r-base64url public In contrast to RFC3548, the 62nd character ("+") is replaced with "-", the 63rd character ("/") is replaced with "_". Furthermore, the encoder does not fill the string with trailing "=". The resulting encoded strings comply to the regular expression pattern "[A-Za-z0-9_-]" and thus are safe to use in URLs or for file names. The package also comes with a simple base32 encoder/decoder suited for case insensitive file systems. 2019-07-18
r-chron public Provides chronological objects which can handle dates and times. 2019-07-18
r-bayesfactor public A suite of functions for computing various Bayes factors for simple designs, including contingency tables, one- and two-sample designs, one-way designs, general ANOVA designs, and linear regression. 2019-07-18
r-evd public Extends simulation, distribution, quantile and density functions to univariate and multivariate parametric extreme value distributions, and provides fitting functions which calculate maximum likelihood estimates for univariate and bivariate maxima models, and for univariate and bivariate threshold models. 2019-07-18
r-ash public David Scott's ASH routines ported from S-PLUS to R. 2019-07-18
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