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Package Name Access Summary Updated
r-anytime public Convert input in any one of character, integer, numeric, factor, or ordered type into 'POSIXct' (or 'Date') objects, using one of a number of predefined formats, and relying on Boost facilities for date and time parsing. 2020-01-20
zipp public A pathlib-compatible Zipfile object wrapper 2020-01-20
postal public Python bindings to libpostal for fast international address parsing/normalization 2020-01-20
metview public ECMWF Metview Copyright 2007-2020 ECMWF. 2020-01-20
forest public Forecast and observation research and evaluation survey tool 2020-01-20
jupyter_telemetry public Telemetry for Jupyter Applications and extensions. 2020-01-20
snowflake-connector-python public Snowflake Connector for Python 2020-01-20
r-rmcfs public MCFS-ID (Monte Carlo Feature Selection and Interdependency Discovery) is a Monte Carlo method-based tool for feature selection. It also allows for the discovery of interdependencies between the relevant features. MCFS-ID is particularly suitable for the analysis of high-dimensional, 'small n large p' transactional and biological data. M. Draminski, J. Koronacki (2018) <doi:10.18637/jss.v085.i12>. 2020-01-20
segyio public Simple and fast SEG-Y I/O 2020-01-20
intel-compute-runtime public Intel(R) Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL(TM) 2020-01-20
py3nvml public Python 3 Bindings for the NVIDIA Management Library 2020-01-20
r-iswr public Data sets and scripts for text examples and exercises in P. Dalgaard (2008), `Introductory Statistics with R', 2nd ed., Springer Verlag, ISBN 978-0387790534. 2020-01-20
goosehdf5 public Simple tools to inspect HDF5 files (wraps around h5py). 2020-01-20
mv_regex public Move files by applying an regular expression. 2020-01-20
r-micropan public A collection of functions for computations and visualizations of microbial pan-genomes. 2020-01-20
json_schema_validator public JSON schema validator for JSON for Modern C++ 2020-01-20
im-pipelines-utils-rdkit public Common utilities for RDKit-based Informatics Matters pipeline projects 2020-01-20
r-xml public Many approaches for both reading and creating XML (and HTML) documents (including DTDs), both local and accessible via HTTP or FTP. Also offers access to an 'XPath' "interpreter". 2020-01-20
imod public Work with iMOD MODFLOW models 2020-01-20
pylatexenc public Simple LaTeX parser providing latex-to-unicode and unicode-to-latex conversion 2020-01-20
highfive public Header-only C++ HDF5 interface 2020-01-20
pybind11_json public Using nlohmann::json with pybind11 2020-01-20
line_profiler public A module for monitoring memory usage of a python program 2020-01-20
trimesh public Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes. 2020-01-20
optuna public A hyperparameter optimization framework 2020-01-20
segno public Segno is a QR Code and Micro QR Code encoder which has no further dependencies. 2020-01-20
glfw public Open Source, multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan application development. 2020-01-19
xwebrtc public C++ backend for the jupyter webrtc widget 2020-01-19
pyglfw public This module provides Python bindings for GLFW 2020-01-19
gast public A generic AST to represent Python2 and Python3's Abstract Syntax Tree(AST). 2020-01-19
setuptools public Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages 2020-01-19
imagemagick public Software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. 2020-01-19
dvc public DVC tracks ML models and data sets 2020-01-19
intel-gmmlib public Intel(R) Graphics Memory Management Library 2020-01-19
numpy public Array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects. 2020-01-19
odfpy public Python API and tools to manipulate OpenDocument files 2020-01-19
setuptools_scm public The blessed package to manage your versions by scm tags 2020-01-19
django-recaptcha public Django recaptcha form field/widget app. 2020-01-19
hypothesis public A library for property based testing 2020-01-19
tinyarray public Arrays of numbers for Python, optimized for small sizes 2020-01-19
r-stanheaders public The C++ header files of the Stan project are provided by this package, but it contains little R code or documentation. The main reference is the vignette. There is a shared object containing part of the 'CVODES' library, but its functionality is not accessible from R. 'StanHeaders' is only useful for developers who want to utilize the 'LinkingTo' directive of their package's DESCRIPTION file to build on the Stan library without incurring unnecessary dependencies. The Stan project develops a probabilistic programming language that implements full or approximate Bayesian statistical inference via Markov Chain Monte Carlo or 'variational' methods and implements (optionally penalized) maximum likelihood estimation via optimization. The Stan library includes an advanced automatic differentiation scheme, 'templated' statistical and linear algebra functions that can handle the automatically 'differentiable' scalar types (and doubles, 'ints', etc.), and a parser for the Stan language. The 'rstan' package provides user-facing R functions to parse, compile, test, estimate, and analyze Stan models. 2020-01-19
r-rpushbullet public An R interface to the Pushbullet messaging service which provides fast and efficient notifications (and file transfer) between computers, phones and tablets. An account has to be registered at the site <> site to obtain a (free) API key. 2020-01-19
r-tmap public Thematic maps are geographical maps in which spatial data distributions are visualized. This package offers a flexible, layer-based, and easy to use approach to create thematic maps, such as choropleths and bubble maps. 2020-01-19
r-agricolae public Original idea was presented in the thesis "A statistical analysis tool for agricultural research" to obtain the degree of Master on science, National Engineering University (UNI), Lima-Peru. Some experimental data for the examples come from the CIP and others research. Agricolae offers extensive functionality on experimental design especially for agricultural and plant breeding experiments, which can also be useful for other purposes. It supports planning of lattice, Alpha, Cyclic, Complete Block, Latin Square, Graeco-Latin Squares, augmented block, factorial, split and strip plot designs. There are also various analysis facilities for experimental data, e.g. treatment comparison procedures and several non-parametric tests comparison, biodiversity indexes and consensus cluster. 2020-01-19
r-adehabitatlt public A collection of tools for the analysis of animal movements. 2020-01-19
r-xaringan public Create HTML5 slides with R Markdown and the JavaScript library 'remark.js' (<>). 2020-01-19
r-xts public Provide for uniform handling of R's different time-based data classes by extending zoo, maximizing native format information preservation and allowing for user level customization and extension, while simplifying cross-class interoperability. 2020-01-19
pingouin public Pingouin is an open-source statistical package written in Python 3 and based mostly on Pandas and NumPy 2020-01-19
itkwidgets public Interactive Jupyter widgets to visualize images in 2D and 3D 2020-01-19
pydrive2 public Google Drive API Python wrapper library. Actively maintained fork of PyDrive. 2020-01-19
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