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Package Name Access Summary Updated
pycryptodomex public Cryptographic library for Python 2019-11-12
msmtools public Tools for estimating and analyzing Markov state models 2019-11-12
ispyb public Python package to access ISPyB database 2019-11-12
tranquilizer public Put your Python functions to REST; deploy a REST API with one line by decorating your functions. 2019-11-12
sporco public Sparse Optimisation Research Code: A Python package for sparse coding a nd dictionary learning 2019-11-12
thinkx public Modules supporting books by Allen Downey 2019-11-12
psy-reg public Psyplot plugin for visualizing and calculating regression plots 2019-11-12
piqs public Efficient numerical simulation of Lindblad dynamics using permutational invariance 2019-11-12
papillon public A Python module to read and plot cuffdiff/Galaxy RNA-seq data 2019-11-12
adaptive-scheduler public An asynchronous scheduler for Adaptive 2019-11-12
mysql-connector-python public Python driver for communicating with MySQL servers 2019-11-12
urllib3 public HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more. 2019-11-12
slepc4py public Python bindings for SLEPc 2019-11-12
sagemaker_containers public Open source library for creating containers to run on Amazon SageMaker. 2019-11-12
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2019-11-12
localstack-ext public Extensions for LocalStack 2019-11-12
xpdsim public A simulation environment for experiments at the XPD beamline at NSLS-II 2019-11-12
datajoint public A relational data framework for scientific data pipelines with MySQL backend. 2019-11-12
pyfmi public PyFMI is a package for loading and interacting with Functional Mock-Up Units 2019-11-12
landlab public A python toolkit for modeling earth surface processes 2019-11-12
ndcube public A base package for multi-dimensional contiguious and non-contiguious spatially aware arrays. 2019-11-12
protobuf public Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format. 2019-11-12
namaster public pseudo-Cl power spectra w/ masking for spin-0 and spin-2 fields 2019-11-12
conjure-python-client public Python client and JSON encoders for use with generated Conjure clients 2019-11-12
mdsrv public Simple server to visualize remote trajectories. 2019-11-12
r-rcppannoy public 'Annoy' is a small C++ library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors written for efficient memory usage as well an ability to load from / save to disk. This package provides an R interface by relying on the 'Rcpp' package, exposing the same interface as the original Python wrapper to 'Annoy'. See <> for more on 'Annoy'. 'Annoy' is released under Version 2.0 of the Apache License. Also included is a small Windows port of 'mmap' which is released under the MIT license. 2019-11-12
atomman public Atomistic Manipulation Toolkit 2019-11-12
pyccl public DESC Core Cosmology Library: cosmology routines with validated numerical accuracy 2019-11-12
spacy-model-en_core_web_lg public English multi-task CNN trained on OntoNotes, with GloVe vectors trained on Common Crawl. 2019-11-12
prometheus public Prometheus, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project, is a systems and service monitoring system. 2019-11-12
spacy-model-en_core_web_md public English multi-task CNN trained on OntoNotes, with GloVe vectors trained on Common Crawl. 2019-11-12
igl public Simple python geometry processing library 2019-11-12
cython-blis public Fast matrix-multiplication as a self-contained Python library – no system dependencies! 2019-11-12
sagemaker-python-sdk public Open source library for training and deploying models on Amazon SageMaker. 2019-11-12
spacy-model-en_core_web_sm public English multi-task CNN trained on OntoNotes, with GloVe vectors trained on Common Crawl. 2019-11-12
noteslib public Python classes for manipulating Lotus Notes/Domino objects via COM 2019-11-12
lazygit public A simple terminal UI for git commands, written in Go with the gocui library. 2019-11-12
nest-simulator public NEST is a simulator for spiking neural network models that focuses on the dynamics, size and structure of neural systems rather than on the exact morphology of individual neurons. 2019-11-12
python-nds2-client public Python extensions for NDS2 2019-11-12
nds2-client-swig public NDS2 Client interface SWIG wrappings 2019-11-12
pynio public PyNIO is a multi-format data I/O package with a NetCDF-style interface. 2019-11-12
cylc-flow public A workflow engine for cycling systems 2019-11-12
python-ligo-lw public LIGO Light-Weight XML I/O Library 2019-11-12
pyathena public Python DB API 2.0 (PEP 249) compliant client for Amazon Athena 2019-11-12
scikit-image public Image processing routines for SciPy. 2019-11-12
qutip public QuTiP is open-source software for simulating the dynamics of open quantum systems and optimal quantum control 2019-11-12
doepipeline public Package for optimizing pipelines using DoE. 2019-11-12
dxchange public Data I/O for tomography. 2019-11-12
nxviz public Rational network visualizations in Python 2019-11-12
neo4j-python-driver public Database connector for Neo4j graph database 2019-11-12
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