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Package Name Access Summary Updated
scikit-umfpack public The umfpack scikit provides a wrapper of the UMFPACK sparse direct solver to SciPy. 2019-03-19
r-cli public A suite of tools designed to build attractive command line interfaces ('CLIs'). Includes tools for drawing rules, boxes, trees, and 'Unicode' symbols with 'ASCII' alternatives. 2019-03-19
moab public The Mesh-Oriented datABase 2019-03-19
laszip public LASzip is a compression library for compressing ASPRS LAS format 2019-03-19
pandoc-crossref public Pandoc filter for cross-references 2019-03-19
fiona public Fiona reads and writes spatial data files 2019-03-19
fonttools public fontTools is a library for manipulating fonts, written in Python. 2019-03-19
openturns public Uncertainty treatment library 2019-03-19
r-sjlabelled public Collection of functions dealing with labelled data, like reading and writing data between R and other statistical software packages like 'SPSS', 'SAS' or 'Stata', and working with labelled data. This includes easy ways to get, set or change value and variable label attributes, to convert labelled vectors into factors or numeric (and vice versa), or to deal with multiple declared missing values. 2019-03-19
conda-smithy None The tool for managing conda-forge feedstocks 2019-03-19
mapd-core-cpu public The MapD Core database 2019-03-19
r-insight public A tool to provide an easy, intuitive and consistent access to information contained in various R models, like model formulas, model terms, information about random effects, data that was used to fit the model or data from response variables. 'insight' mainly revolves around two types of functions: Functions that find (the names of) information, starting with 'find_', and functions that get the underlying data, starting with 'get_'. The package has a consistent syntax and works with many different model objects, where otherwise functions to access these information are missing. 2019-03-19
omcompiler public The Open Source Modelica Suite - OpenModelica Compiler 2019-03-19
r-whoami public Look up the username and full name of the current user, the current user's email address and 'GitHub' username, using various sources of system and configuration information. 2019-03-19
r-asioheaders public 'Asio' is a cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming that provides developers with a consistent asynchronous model using a modern C++ approach. It is also included in Boost but requires linking when used with Boost. Standalone it can be used header-only (provided a recent compiler). 'Asio' is written and maintained by Christopher M. Kohlhoff, and released under the 'Boost Software License', Version 1.0. 2019-03-19
optpp public An Object-Oriented Nonlinear Optimization Library 2019-03-19
r-gsl public No Summary 2019-03-19
r-pca3d public Functions simplifying presentation of PCA models in a 3D interactive representation using 'rgl'. 2019-03-19
black public The Uncompromising Code Formatter 2019-03-19
plotly public An interactive, browser-based graphing library for Python 2019-03-19
r-huxtable public Like 'xtable', creates styled tables. Export to HTML, LaTeX, 'Word', 'Excel', 'PowerPoint' and RTF. Simple, modern interface to manipulate borders, size, position, captions, colours, text styles and number formatting. Table cells can span multiple rows and/or columns. Includes a 'huxreg' function for creation of regression tables, and 'quick_*' one-liners to print data to a new document. 2019-03-19
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2019-03-19
hmat-oss public A hierarchical matrix C/C++ library 2019-03-19
traja public Traja is a Python library for trajectory analysis and visualization 2019-03-19
casacore public Core libraries for the Common Astronomical Software Applications (CASA) 2019-03-19
kwant public Package for numerical quantum transport calculations. 2019-03-19
pyexcel-io public One interface to read and write the data in various excel formats, import the data into and export the data from databases 2019-03-19
ipysheet public Spreadsheet widget for Jupyter 2019-03-19
ukbparse public The FSL Python library 2019-03-19
vine public Python promises 2019-03-19
superlu public No Summary 2019-03-19
r-feature public Local inferential feature significance for multivariate kernel density estimation. 2019-03-19
gsl public GNU Scientific Library. 2019-03-19
dictdiffer public Dictdiffer is a library that helps you to diff and patch dictionaries. 2019-03-19
libssh2 public the SSH library 2019-03-19
jaws public Justify idiosyncratic ASCII AWS formats into analyzable netCDF formats. 2019-03-19
suitesparse public A suite of sparse matrix algorithms 2019-03-19
iml public No Summary 2019-03-19
xorg-libxdmcp public The X-windows display manager client protocol library. 2019-03-19
scipy public Scientific Library for Python 2019-03-19
tetgen public A Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator and a 3D Delaunay Triangulator 2019-03-19
hug public A Python framework that makes developing APIs as simple as possible, but no simpler. 2019-03-19
satpy public Meteorological processing package 2019-03-19
r-xtensor public R bindings for xtensor, the C++ tensor algebra library 2019-03-19
xorg-libsm public The core session management library. 2019-03-19
xorg-libxi public The input library. 2019-03-19
xorg-libxext public The extensions library. 2019-03-19
django public A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. 2019-03-19
radical.entk public Ensemble Toolkit (EnTK) is an ensemble execution system written in Python 2019-03-18
apscheduler public In-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities 2019-03-18
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