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Package Name Access Summary Updated
sgp4 public Python implementation of most recent version of the SGP4 satellite tracking algorithm. 2020-05-23
octave_kernel public A Jupyter kernel for Octave. 2020-05-23
jupyterlab_server public A set of server components for JupyterLab and JupyterLab like applications. 2020-05-23
r-desctools public A collection of miscellaneous basic statistic functions and convenience wrappers for efficiently describing data. The author's intention was to create a toolbox, which facilitates the (notoriously time consuming) first descriptive tasks in data analysis, consisting of calculating descriptive statistics, drawing graphical summaries and reporting the results. The package contains furthermore functions to produce documents using MS Word (or PowerPoint) and functions to import data from Excel. Many of the included functions can be found scattered in other packages and other sources written partly by Titans of R. The reason for collecting them here, was primarily to have them consolidated in ONE instead of dozens of packages (which themselves might depend on other packages which are not needed at all), and to provide a common and consistent interface as far as function and arguments naming, NA handling, recycling rules etc. are concerned. Google style guides were used as naming rules (in absence of convincing alternatives). The 'camel style' was consequently applied to functions borrowed from contributed R packages as well. 2020-05-23
r-hdinterval public A generic function and a set of methods to calculate highest density intervals for a variety of classes of objects which can specify a probability density distribution, including MCMC output, fitted density objects, and functions. 2020-05-23
trimesh public Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes. 2020-05-23
locust public Website load testing framework 2020-05-23
elementpath public XPath 1.0/2.0 parsers and selectors for ElementTree 2020-05-23
r-cardata public Datasets to Accompany J. Fox and S. Weisberg, An R Companion to Applied Regression, Third Edition, Sage (forthcoming). 2020-05-23
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2020-05-22
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2020-05-22
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2020-05-22
pytest-cov public Pytest plugin for measuring coverage 2020-05-22
pyiron public pyiron - an integrated development environment (IDE) for computational materials science. 2020-05-22
r-countrycode public Standardize country names, convert them into one of eleven coding schemes, convert between coding schemes, and assign region descriptors. 2020-05-22
conda-forge-repodata-patches public generate tweaks to index metadata, hosted separately from index 2020-05-22
r-jomo public Similarly to Schafer's package 'pan', 'jomo' is a package for multilevel joint modelling multiple imputation (Carpenter and Kenward, 2013) <doi: 10.1002/9781119942283>. Novel aspects of 'jomo' are the possibility of handling binary and categorical data through latent normal variables, the option to use cluster-specific covariance matrices and to impute compatibly with the substantive model. 2020-05-22
r-textrecipes public Converting text to numerical features requires specifically created procedures, which are implemented as steps according to the 'recipes' package. These steps allows for tokenization, filtering, counting (tf and tfidf) and feature hashing. 2020-05-22
orange3 public component-based data mining framework 2020-05-22
numba public NumPy aware dynamic Python compiler using LLVM 2020-05-22
openh264 public OpenH264 is a codec library which supports H.264 encoding and decoding 2020-05-22
identify public File identification library for Python 2020-05-21
conda-forge-ci-setup public A package installed by conda-forge each time a build is run on CI. This package has side-effects to your conda config. 2020-05-21
binutils_impl_linux-64 public A set of programming tools for creating and managing binary programs, object files, libraries, profile data, and assembly source code. 2020-05-21
sundials public SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers 2020-05-21
fslpy public The FSL Python library 2020-05-21
tyssue public A tissue simulation library 2020-05-21
r-car public Functions to Accompany J. Fox and S. Weisberg, An R Companion to Applied Regression, Third Edition, Sage, 2019. 2020-05-21
binarytree public Python Library for Learning Binary Trees 2020-05-21
great-expectations public Always know what to expect from your data. 2020-05-21
scrypt public This is a set of Python bindings for the scrypt key derivation function. 2020-05-21
nptdms public Cross-platform, NumPy based module for reading TDMS files produced by LabView. 2020-05-21
r-markovchain public Functions and S4 methods to create and manage discrete time Markov chains more easily. In addition functions to perform statistical (fitting and drawing random variates) and probabilistic (analysis of their structural proprieties) analysis are provided. 2020-05-21
r-boruta public An all relevant feature selection wrapper algorithm. It finds relevant features by comparing original attributes importance with importance achievable at random, estimated using their permuted copies (shadows). 2020-05-21
lightkurve public A friendly package for Kepler & TESS time series analysis in Python. 2020-05-21
tox public virtualenv-based automation of test activities 2020-05-21
sedflux public A stratigraphic basin-filling model 2020-05-21
erlang public A programming language used to build massively scalable soft real-time systems with requirements on high availability. 2020-05-20
pickle5 public Experimental backport of the pickle 5 protocol (PEP 574) 2020-05-20
cython public The Cython compiler for writing C extensions for the Python language 2020-05-20
r-ggraph public The grammar of graphics as implemented in ggplot2 is a poor fit for graph and network visualizations due to its reliance on tabular data input. ggraph is an extension of the ggplot2 API tailored to graph visualizations and provides the same flexible approach to building up plots layer by layer. 2020-05-20
cc-plugin-glider public Compliance Checker Glider DAC plugin 2020-05-20
r-tidyr public Tools to help to create tidy data, where each column is a variable, each row is an observation, and each cell contains a single value. 'tidyr' contains tools for changing the shape (pivoting) and hierarchy (nesting and 'unnesting') of a dataset, turning deeply nested lists into rectangular data frames ('rectangling'), and extracting values out of string columns. It also includes tools for working with missing values (both implicit and explicit). 2020-05-20
earthengine-api public Earth Engine Python API 2020-05-20
kubernetes public Production-Grade Container Orchestration 2020-05-20
datapackage public Utilities to work with Data Packages as defined on 2020-05-20
filelock public A platform independent file lock. 2020-05-20
compiler-rt public compiler-rt runtime libraries 2020-05-20
petsc public PETSc: Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation 2020-05-20
md-toc public An utility that is able to generate a table of contents for a markdown file 2020-05-20
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