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Package Name Access Summary Updated
r-graphql public Bindings to the 'libgraphqlparser' C++ library. Parses GraphQL syntax and exports the AST in JSON format. 2020-05-29
sphinxdft public S/PHI/nX is a C++ library for materials simulation, mostly electronic-structure theory 2020-05-29
r-themis public A dataset with an uneven number of cases in each class is said to be unbalanced. Many models produce a subpar performance on unbalanced datasets. A dataset can be balanced by increasing the number of minority cases using SMOTE 2011 <arXiv:1106.1813>, BorderlineSMOTE 2005 <doi:10.1007/11538059_91> and ADASYN 2008 <>. Or by decreasing the number of majority cases using NearMiss 2003 <> or Tomek link removal 1976 <>. 2020-05-29
image-meta-tag public Image metadata tagging, database and presentation 2020-05-29
abipy public Open-source library for analyzing the results produced by ABINIT 2020-05-29
pyfmi public PyFMI is a package for loading and interacting with Functional Mock-Up Units 2020-05-29
broot public Balanced tree view + fuzzy search + BFS + customizable launcher 2020-05-29
ligo.skymap public Tools for reading, writing, manipulating, and making LIGO and Virgo sky maps 2020-05-29
pydata-sphinx-theme public Bootstrap-based Sphinx theme from the PyData community 2020-05-29
cupy public CuPy is an implementation of a NumPy-compatible multi-dimensional array on CUDA. 2020-05-29
openexr public OpenEXR is a high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format developed by Industrial Light & Magic for use in computer imaging applications. 2020-05-29
e3sm_to_cmip public A cli utility to transform E3SM model output into CMIP compatible data. 2020-05-29
deepchem public Democratizing Deep-Learning for Drug Discovery, Quantum Chemistry, Materials Science and Biology 2020-05-29
r-unbalanced public A dataset is said to be unbalanced when the class of interest (minority class) is much rarer than normal behaviour (majority class). The cost of missing a minority class is typically much higher that missing a majority class. Most learning systems are not prepared to cope with unbalanced data and several techniques have been proposed. This package implements some of most well-known techniques and propose a racing algorithm to select adaptively the most appropriate strategy for a given unbalanced task. 2020-05-29
r-rose public The package provides functions to deal with binary classification problems in the presence of imbalanced classes. Synthetic balanced samples are generated according to ROSE (Menardi and Torelli, 2013). Functions that implement more traditional remedies to the class imbalance are also provided, as well as different metrics to evaluate a learner accuracy. These are estimated by holdout, bootstrap or cross-validation methods. 2020-05-29
swot_simulator public SWOT Simulator for Ocean Science 2020-05-29
dicom2nifti public Python library for converting dicom files to nifti 2020-05-29
atompaw public The software ATOMPAW generates projector and basis functions 2020-05-29
abinit public ABINIT is an atomic-scale simulation software suite. 2020-05-29
r-pkgload public Simulates the process of installing a package and then attaching it. This is a key part of the 'devtools' package as it allows you to rapidly iterate while developing a package. 2020-05-29
georasters public Tools for working with Geographical Information System Rasters 2020-05-29
dagster public Dagster is an opinionated programming model for data pipelines. 2020-05-29
dagster-snowflake public Package for Snowflake Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-ssh public Package for ssh Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-bash public Package for Dagster bash solids. 2020-05-29
dagster-postgres public A Dagster integration for postgres 2020-05-29
dagster-dbt public Package for Dagster dbt integration. 2020-05-29
dagster-twilio public A Dagster integration for twilio 2020-05-29
dagster-pandas public Utilities and examples for working with pandas and dagster, an opinionated framework for expressing data pipelines 2020-05-29
dagster-graphql public The GraphQL frontend to python dagster. 2020-05-29
dagster-github public Github plugin for Dagster 2020-05-29
dagit public Dagster UI 2020-05-29
dagster-k8s public A Dagster integration for k8s 2020-05-29
dagster-cron public A Dagster integration for cron 2020-05-29
dagster-datadog public Package for datadog Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-papertrail public Package for papertrail Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-slack public A Slack client resource for posting to Slack 2020-05-29
dagster-prometheus public A Dagster integration for prometheus 2020-05-29
dagster-pagerduty public Package for pagerduty Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-spark public Package for Spark Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
plotly public An interactive, browser-based graphing library for Python 2020-05-29
dagster-dask public Package for using Dask as Dagster's execution engine. 2020-05-29
dagster-celery public Package for using Celery as Dagster's execution engine. 2020-05-29
sourmash-minimal public Compute and compare MinHash signatures for DNA data sets. 2020-05-29
terraform-provider-aws public The Terraform AWS provider 2020-05-29
fast-rtps public eProsima Fast RTPS 2020-05-29
yaml-cpp public yaml-cpp is a YAML parser and emitter in C++ matching the YAML 1.2 spec. 2020-05-29
libignition-fuel-tools4 public Ignition Fuel Tools is composed by a client library and command line tools for interacting with Ignition Fuel servers. 2020-05-29
eelbrain public MEG/EEG analysis tools 2020-05-29
circle-fit public Circle Fitting Library in Python 2020-05-29
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