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Package Name Access Summary Updated
numcosmo public NumCosmo is a free software C library whose main purposes are to test cosmological models using observational data and to provide a set of tools to perform cosmological calculations. 2019-07-17
graphviz public Open Source graph visualization software. 2019-07-17
wildmeshing public Simple, fast, robust meshing 2019-07-16
dash-daq public Control components for Dash 2019-07-16
dash public A Python framework for building reactive web-apps. 2019-07-16
conda-smithy None The tool for managing conda-forge feedstocks 2019-07-16
python-rapidjson public Python wrapper around rapidjson 2019-07-16
r-locfit public Local regression, likelihood and density estimation. 2019-07-16
r-glue public An implementation of interpreted string literals, inspired by Python's Literal String Interpolation <> and Docstrings <> and Julia's Triple-Quoted String Literals <>. 2019-07-16
r-lattice public A powerful and elegant high-level data visualization system inspired by Trellis graphics, with an emphasis on multivariate data. Lattice is sufficient for typical graphics needs, and is also flexible enough to handle most nonstandard requirements. See ?Lattice for an introduction. 2019-07-16
r-rcpp public The 'Rcpp' package provides R functions as well as C++ classes which offer a seamless integration of R and C++. Many R data types and objects can be mapped back and forth to C++ equivalents which facilitates both writing of new code as well as easier integration of third-party libraries. Documentation about 'Rcpp' is provided by several vignettes included in this package, via the 'Rcpp Gallery' site at <>, the paper by Eddelbuettel and Francois (2011, <doi:10.18637/jss.v040.i08>), the book by Eddelbuettel (2013, <doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-6868-4>) and the paper by Eddelbuettel and Balamuta (2018, <doi:10.1080/00031305.2017.1375990>); see 'citation("Rcpp")' for details. 2019-07-16
r-obistools public Prepare data sets for submission to the Ocean Biogeographical Information System (<>). It can also be used for checking the quality of a set of marine species distribution records. 2019-07-16
notebook public A web-based notebook environment for interactive computing 2019-07-16
polyfempy public Easy-to-use powerfull finite element library based on Polyfem 2019-07-16
cpu_features public A cross platform C99 library to get cpu features at runtime 2019-07-16
postgresql-plpython public The plpythonu postgresql extension 2019-07-16
postgresql public PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. 2019-07-16
libpq public The postgres runtime libraries and utilities (not the server itself) 2019-07-16
pyreadr public read R RData and Rds files into pandas data frames 2019-07-16
pika public Pure Python RabbitMQ/AMQP 0-9-1 client library 2019-07-16
dash-core-components public Dash UI core component suite 2019-07-16
futures public Backport of the concurrent.futures package from Python 3.2 2019-07-16
epysurv public Epidemiological surveillance in Python 2019-07-16
django-filter public Django-filter is a a generic system for filtering Django QuerySets based on user selections 2019-07-16
minuit2 public This is the Minuit2 fitter standalone edition, from the ROOT toolkit. For information about the Minuit2 fitter, please see the documentation in ROOT. 2019-07-16
minuit2_standalone public This is the Minuit2 fitter standalone edition, from the ROOT toolkit. For information about the Minuit2 fitter, please see the documentation in ROOT. 2019-07-16
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2019-07-16
gnuplot public Gnuplot, plotting from command line 2019-07-16
djangorestframework public Web APIs for Django, made easy 2019-07-16
gtk2 public Primary library used to construct user interfaces in GNOME applications 2019-07-16
earthengine-api public Earth Engine Python API 2019-07-16
plotly public An interactive, browser-based graphing library for Python 2019-07-16
trimesh public Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes. 2019-07-16
prefect public The Prefect Core automation engine 2019-07-16
jupyter_server public Jupyter Server 2019-07-16
faker public Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you 2019-07-16
biopython public Collection of freely available tools for computational molecular biology 2019-07-16
h5py public Read and write HDF5 files from Python 2019-07-16
jupyterhub-yarnspawner public Spawn JupyterHub servers in Apache Hadoop/YARN containers 2019-07-16
cudatoolkit-dev public Develop, Optimize and Deploy GPU-accelerated Apps 2019-07-16
xrviz public Interactive visualisation interface for Xarrays 2019-07-16
pyagrum public A wrapper for the Agrum library, to make flexible and scalable probabilistic graphical models. 2019-07-16
youtube-dl public YouTube video downloader 2019-07-16
cenpy public Explore and download data from Census APIs 2019-07-16
cytominer_database public cytominer-database provides command-line tools for organizing measurements extracted from images. 2019-07-16
virtualenv public Virtual Python Environment builder 2019-07-16
pango public Text layout and rendering engine. 2019-07-16
r-scatterplot3d public Plots a three dimensional (3D) point cloud. 2019-07-16
aruco public A minimal library for Augmented Reality applications based on OpenCV 2019-07-16
fribidi public The Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm. 2019-07-16
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