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Package Name Access Summary Updated
molecule public Molecule aids in the development and testing of Ansible roles 2019-07-17
r-gtools public Functions to assist in R programming, including: - assist in developing, updating, and maintaining R and R packages ('ask', 'checkRVersion', 'getDependencies', 'keywords', 'scat'), - calculate the logit and inverse logit transformations ('logit', 'inv.logit'), - test if a value is missing, empty or contains only NA and NULL values ('invalid'), - manipulate R's .Last function ('addLast'), - define macros ('defmacro'), - detect odd and even integers ('odd', 'even'), - convert strings containing non-ASCII characters (like single quotes) to plain ASCII ('ASCIIfy'), - perform a binary search ('binsearch'), - sort strings containing both numeric and character components ('mixedsort'), - create a factor variable from the quantiles of a continuous variable ('quantcut'), - enumerate permutations and combinations ('combinations', 'permutation'), - calculate and convert between fold-change and log-ratio ('foldchange', 'logratio2foldchange', 'foldchange2logratio'), - calculate probabilities and generate random numbers from Dirichlet distributions ('rdirichlet', 'ddirichlet'), - apply a function over adjacent subsets of a vector ('running'), - modify the TCP\_NODELAY ('de-Nagle') flag for socket objects, - efficient 'rbind' of data frames, even if the column names don't match ('smartbind'), - generate significance stars from p-values ('stars.pval'), - convert characters to/from ASCII codes. 2019-07-17
r-promises public Provides fundamental abstractions for doing asynchronous programming in R using promises. Asynchronous programming is useful for allowing a single R process to orchestrate multiple tasks in the background while also attending to something else. Semantics are similar to 'JavaScript' promises, but with a syntax that is idiomatic R. 2019-07-17
r-sparsem public Some basic linear algebra functionality for sparse matrices is provided: including Cholesky decomposition and backsolving as well as standard R subsetting and Kronecker products. 2019-07-17
r-rpart public Recursive partitioning for classification, regression and survival trees. An implementation of most of the functionality of the 1984 book by Breiman, Friedman, Olshen and Stone. 2019-07-17
r-mnormt public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-checkmate public Tests and assertions to perform frequent argument checks. A substantial part of the package was written in C to minimize any worries about execution time overhead. 2019-07-17
biotite public A comprehensive library for computational molecular biology 2019-07-17
r-memoise public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-brew public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-deoptimr public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-sandwich public Model-robust standard error estimators for cross-sectional, time series, clustered, panel, and longitudinal data. 2019-07-17
r-whisker public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-generics public In order to reduce potential package dependencies and conflicts, generics provides a number of commonly used S3 generics. 2019-07-17
r-dbi public A database interface definition for communication between R and relational database management systems. All classes in this package are virtual and need to be extended by the various R/DBMS implementations. 2019-07-17
koalas public pandas API on Apache Spark 2019-07-17
r-htmlwidgets public A framework for creating HTML widgets that render in various contexts including the R console, 'R Markdown' documents, and 'Shiny' web applications. 2019-07-17
r-xml2 public Work with XML files using a simple, consistent interface. Built on top of the 'libxml2' C library. 2019-07-17
r-class public Various functions for classification, including k-nearest neighbour, Learning Vector Quantization and Self-Organizing Maps. 2019-07-17
r-minqa public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-nloptr public nloptr is an R interface to NLopt. NLopt is a free/open-source library for nonlinear optimization, providing a common interface for a number of different free optimization routines available online as well as original implementations of various other algorithms. See for more information on the available algorithms. During installation on Unix the NLopt code is downloaded and compiled from the NLopt website. 2019-07-17
py-pandoc public Installs pandoc conda package in pip and conda. 2019-07-17
r-processx public Tools to run system processes in the background. It can check if a background process is running; wait on a background process to finish; get the exit status of finished processes; kill background processes. It can read the standard output and error of the processes, using non-blocking connections. 'processx' can poll a process for standard output or error, with a timeout. It can also poll several processes at once. 2019-07-17
r-tidyselect public A backend for the selecting functions of the 'tidyverse'. It makes it easy to implement select-like functions in your own packages in a way that is consistent with other 'tidyverse' interfaces for selection. 2019-07-17
r-kernsmooth public No Summary 2019-07-17
pyautogui public A cross-platform module for GUI automation for human beings. Control the keyboard and mouse from a Python script. 2019-07-17
r-coda public Provides functions for summarizing and plotting the output from Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulations, as well as diagnostic tests of convergence to the equilibrium distribution of the Markov chain. 2019-07-17
r-numderiv public Methods for calculating (usually) accurate numerical first and second order derivatives. Accurate calculations are done using 'Richardson''s' extrapolation or, when applicable, a complex step derivative is available. A simple difference method is also provided. Simple difference is (usually) less accurate but is much quicker than 'Richardson''s' extrapolation and provides a useful cross-check. Methods are provided for real scalar and vector valued functions. 2019-07-17
r-gridbase public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-abind public Combine multidimensional arrays into a single array. This is a generalization of 'cbind' and 'rbind'. Works with vectors, matrices, and higher-dimensional arrays. Also provides functions 'adrop', 'asub', and 'afill' for manipulating, extracting and replacing data in arrays. 2019-07-17
r-registry public Provides a generic infrastructure for creating and using registries. 2019-07-17
r-rprojroot public Robust, reliable and flexible paths to files below a project root. The 'root' of a project is defined as a directory that matches a certain criterion, e.g., it contains a certain regular file. 2019-07-17
r-gridextra public Provides a number of user-level functions to work with "grid" graphics, notably to arrange multiple grid-based plots on a page, and draw tables. 2019-07-17
r-munsell public Provides easy access to, and manipulation of, the Munsell colours. Provides a mapping between Munsell's original notation (e.g. "5R 5/10") and hexadecimal strings suitable for use directly in R graphics. Also provides utilities to explore slices through the Munsell colour tree, to transform Munsell colours and display colour palettes. 2019-07-17
r-bitops public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-nnet public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-foreign public Functions for reading and writing data stored by some versions of Epi Info, Minitab, S, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Systat and Weka and for reading and writing some dBase files. 2019-07-17
r-ps public List, query and manipulate all system processes, on 'Windows', 'Linux' and 'macOS' 2019-07-17
r-markdown public Provides R bindings to the 'Sundown' Markdown rendering library (<>). Markdown is a plain-text formatting syntax that can be converted to 'XHTML' or other formats. See <> for more information about Markdown. 2019-07-17
r-sp public Classes and methods for spatial data; the classes document where the spatial location information resides, for 2D or 3D data. Utility functions are provided, e.g. for plotting data as maps, spatial selection, as well as methods for retrieving coordinates, for subsetting, print, summary, etc. 2019-07-17
r-boot public Functions and datasets for bootstrapping from the book "Bootstrap Methods and Their Application" by A. C. Davison and D. V. Hinkley (1997, CUP), originally written by Angelo Canty for S. 2019-07-17
r-debugme public Specify debug messages as special string constants, and control debugging of packages via environment variables. 2019-07-17
r-clipr public Simple utility functions to read from and write to the Windows, OS X, and X11 clipboards. 2019-07-17
r-praise public No Summary 2019-07-17
r-rstudioapi public Access the RStudio API (if available) and provide informative error messages when it's not. 2019-07-17
r-later public Executes arbitrary R or C functions some time after the current time, after the R execution stack has emptied. 2019-07-17
r-evaluate public Parsing and evaluation tools that make it easy to recreate the command line behaviour of R. 2019-07-17
r-highr public Provides syntax highlighting for R source code. Currently it supports LaTeX and HTML output. Source code of other languages is supported via Andre Simon's highlight package (<>). 2019-07-17
r-stringr public A consistent, simple and easy to use set of wrappers around the fantastic 'stringi' package. All function and argument names (and positions) are consistent, all functions deal with "NA"'s and zero length vectors in the same way, and the output from one function is easy to feed into the input of another. 2019-07-17
r-curl public The curl() and curl_download() functions provide highly configurable drop-in replacements for base url() and download.file() with better performance, support for encryption (https, ftps), gzip compression, authentication, and other 'libcurl' goodies. The core of the package implements a framework for performing fully customized requests where data can be processed either in memory, on disk, or streaming via the callback or connection interfaces. Some knowledge of 'libcurl' is recommended; for a more-user-friendly web client see the 'httr' package which builds on this package with http specific tools and logic. 2019-07-17
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