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Package Name Access Summary Updated
connexion public Swagger/OpenAPI First framework for Python on top of Flask with automatic endpoint validation & OAuth2 support 2020-01-29
mesa-khr-devel-cos7-aarch64 public (CDT) Mesa Kronos headers 2020-01-29
pyhamcrest public Hamcrest framework for matcher objects 2020-01-29
google-cloud-core public API Client library for Google Cloud: Core Helpers 2020-01-29
google-auth public Google authentication library for Python 2020-01-29
r-rvertnet public Retrieve, map and summarize data from the '' archives (<>). Functions allow searching by many parameters, including 'taxonomic' names, places, and dates. In addition, there is an interface for conducting spatially delimited searches, and another for requesting large 'datasets' via email. 2020-01-29
expat public Expat XML parser library in C 2020-01-29
fonttools public fontTools is a library for manipulating fonts, written in Python. 2020-01-29
fipy public A finite volume partial differential equation solver using Python 2020-01-29
pytest public Simple and powerful testing with Python. 2020-01-29
mnelab public Graphical user interface (GUI) for MNE, a Python-based toolbox for EEG/MEG analysis. 2020-01-29
ndcctools public The Cooperative Computing Tools contains Chirp, Makeflow, JX, and Work Queue. 2020-01-29
datalad public data distribution geared toward scientific datasets 2020-01-29
atomap public Library for analysing atomic resolution images 2020-01-29
watchdog public Filesystem events monitoring 2020-01-29
coq public Coq is a formal proof management system 2020-01-29
saspy public A Python interface module to the SAS System 2020-01-29
pgcopy public Fast db insert with postgresql binary copy 2020-01-29
snowflake-connector-python public Snowflake Connector for Python 2020-01-29
testfixtures public A collection of helpers and mock objects for unit tests and doc tests. 2020-01-29
jupyterhub-singleuser public Multi-user server for Jupyter notebooks 2020-01-29
jupyterhub public Multi-user server for Jupyter notebooks 2020-01-29
jupyterhub-base public Multi-user server for Jupyter notebooks 2020-01-29
pooch public A friend to fetch your data files 2020-01-29
fslpy public The FSL Python library 2020-01-29
lxml public Pythonic binding for the C libraries libxml2 and libxslt. 2020-01-29
ml_tooling public Modelling framework to simplify machine learning workflows 2020-01-29
plumed public Free energy calculations in molecular systems 2020-01-29
python public General purpose programming language 2020-01-29
fmrib-unpack public The FMRIB UKBioBank Normalisation, Parsing And Cleaning Kit 2020-01-29
broot public Balanced tree view + fuzzy search + BFS + customizable launcher 2020-01-29
tabulator public Consistent interface for stream reading and writing tabular data (csv/xls/json/etc) 2020-01-29
more-itertools public More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools 2020-01-29
cobra-component-models public SQLAlchemy ORM and pydantic data models for SQL storage and JSON serialization of COBRA components such as reactions, compounds, and compartments. 2020-01-29
r-slippymath public Provides functions for performing common tasks when working with slippy map tile service APIs e.g. Google maps, Open Street Map, Mapbox, Stamen, among others. Functionality includes converting from latitude and longitude to tile numbers, determining tile bounding boxes, and compositing tiles to a georeferenced raster image. 2020-01-29
mo-future public More future! Make Python 2/3 compatibility a bit easier 2020-01-29
event-model public Data model for event-based data collection and analysis 2020-01-29
localstack-ext public Extensions for LocalStack 2020-01-29
r-gglogo public Visualize sequences in (modified) logo plots. The design choices used by these logo plots allow sequencing data to be more easily analyzed. Because it is integrated into the 'ggplot2' geom framework, these logo plots support native features such as faceting. 2020-01-29
webtest public helper to test WSGI applications 2020-01-29
r-vsurf public Three steps variable selection procedure based on random forests. Initially developed to handle high dimensional data (for which number of variables largely exceeds number of observations), the package is very versatile and can treat most dimensions of data, for regression and supervised classification problems. First step is dedicated to eliminate irrelevant variables from the dataset. Second step aims to select all variables related to the response for interpretation purpose. Third step refines the selection by eliminating redundancy in the set of variables selected by the second step, for prediction purpose. Genuer, R. Poggi, J.-M. and Tuleau-Malot, C. (2015) <>. 2020-01-29
nxviz public Rational network visualizations in Python 2020-01-29
ezdxf public A Python package to create/manipulate DXF drawings. 2020-01-29
r-fable public Provides a collection of commonly used univariate and multivariate time series forecasting models including automatically selected exponential smoothing (ETS) and autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) models. These models work within the 'fable' framework provided by the 'fabletools' package, which provides the tools to evaluate, visualise, and combine models in a workflow consistent with the tidyverse. 2020-01-29
pre-commit public A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks. 2020-01-29
r-mixsqp public Provides optimization algorithms based on sequential quadratic programming (SQP) for maximum likelihood estimation of the mixture proportions in a finite mixture model where the component densities are known. The algorithms are expected to obtain solutions that are at least as accurate as the state-of-the-art MOSEK interior-point solver (called by function "KWDual" in the 'REBayes' package), and they are expected to arrive at solutions more quickly in large data sets. The algorithms are described in Y. Kim, P. Carbonetto, M. Stephens & M. Anitescu (2012) <arXiv:1806.01412>. 2020-01-29
importlib_metadata public A library to access the metadata for a Python package 2020-01-29
pdfcombine public Combine PDF files with Ghostscript 2020-01-29
pdfnofonts public Remove fonts from PDF file (wrapper around GhostScript). 2020-01-29
hpp-fcl public An extension of the Flexible Collision Library 2020-01-29
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