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Package Name Access Summary Updated
paraview public ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application based on Visualization Toolkit (VTK). 2020-02-17
r-memuse public How much ram do you need to store a 100,000 by 100,000 matrix? How much ram is your current R session using? How much ram do you even have? Learn the scintillating answer to these and many more such questions with the 'memuse' package. 2020-02-17
r-statmod public A collection of algorithms and functions to aid statistical modeling. Includes growth curve comparisons, limiting dilution analysis (aka ELDA), mixed linear models, heteroscedastic regression, inverse-Gaussian probability calculations, Gauss quadrature and a secure convergence algorithm for nonlinear models. Includes advanced generalized linear model functions that implement secure convergence, dispersion modeling and Tweedie power-law families. 2020-02-17
r-jmv public A suite of common statistical methods such as descriptives, t-tests, ANOVAs, regression, correlation matrices, proportion tests, contingency tables, and factor analysis. This package is also useable from the 'jamovi' statistical spreadsheet (see <> for more information). 2020-02-17
hide_code public Code, prompt and output hiding for Jupyter/IPython notebooks. 2020-02-17
pygridtools public Miscellaneous utilities built upon pygridgen 2020-02-17
telluric public Interactive geospatial data manipulation in Python 2020-02-17
pycairo public Python bindings for the Cairo graphics library. 2020-02-17
tabulator public Consistent interface for stream reading and writing tabular data (csv/xls/json/etc) 2020-02-17
geoplot public High-level geospatial plotting for Python 2020-02-17
idna public Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA). 2020-02-17
betfairlightweight public Lightweight python wrapper for Betfair API-NG 2020-02-17
envisage public extensible application framework 2020-02-17
r-rgexf public Create, read and write 'GEXF' (Graph Exchange 'XML' Format) graph files (used in 'Gephi' and others). Using the 'XML' package, it allows the user to easily build/read graph files including attributes, 'GEXF' visual attributes (such as color, size, and position), network dynamics (for both edges and nodes) and edge weighting. Users can build/handle graphs element-by-element or massively through data-frames, visualize the graph on a web browser through 'gexf-js' (a 'javascript' library) and interact with the 'igraph' package. 2020-02-17
coloredlogs public Colored terminal output for Python's logging module 2020-02-17
geopandas public Geographic pandas extensions. 2020-02-17
tifffile public Read and write image data from and to TIFF files. 2020-02-17
orange3-timeseries public Orange3 add-on for exploring time series and sequential data. 2020-02-17
protobuf public Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format. 2020-02-17
orange3 public component-based data mining framework 2020-02-17
nxviz public Rational network visualizations in Python 2020-02-17
gitdb2 public A pure-Python git object database 2020-02-17
semver public Python package to work with Semantic Versioning 2020-02-17
nptdms public Cross-platform, NumPy based module for reading TDMS files produced by LabView. 2020-02-17
pytest-mpl public pytest plugin to help with testing figures output from Matplotlib 2020-02-17
wrapt public Module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching 2020-02-17
psyplot public Python package for interactive data visualization 2020-02-16
hypothesis public A library for property based testing 2020-02-16
compas public The COMPAS framework 2020-02-16
cartopy public A library providing cartographic tools for python 2020-02-16
mpld3 public D3 Viewer for Matplotlib 2020-02-16
humanfriendly public Human friendly output for text interfaces using Python. 2020-02-16
modflow2netcdf public Converts Modflow Output files to CF Compliant NetCDF 2020-02-16
pygridgen public Python interface to gridgen by Pavel Sakov 2020-02-16
pykrige public Kriging Toolkit for Python 2020-02-16
poliastro public Python package for Orbital Mechanics 2020-02-16
r-plm public A set of estimators and tests for panel data econometrics, as described in Baltagi (2013) Econometric Analysis of Panel Data, ISBN-13:978-1-118-67232-7, Hsiao (2014) Analysis of Panel Data <doi:10.1017/CBO9781139839327> and Croissant and Millo (2018), Panel Data Econometrics with R, ISBN:978-1-118-94918-4. 2020-02-16
pandoc public Universal markup converter (repackaged binaries) 2020-02-16 public RADICAL-Anlytics is a library supporting the analysis of data produced by RADICAL-Cybertools. 2020-02-16
youtube-dl public YouTube video downloader 2020-02-16
pycoalescence public Ecological simulator for spatially explicit neutral models using coalescence methods 2020-02-16
trimesh public Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes. 2020-02-16
r-waveslim public Basic wavelet routines for time series (1D), image (2D) and array (3D) analysis. The code provided here is based on wavelet methodology developed in Percival and Walden (2000); Gencay, Selcuk and Whitcher (2001); the dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DTCWT) from Kingsbury (1999, 2001) as implemented by Selesnick; and Hilbert wavelet pairs (Selesnick 2001, 2002). All figures in chapters 4-7 of GSW (2001) are reproducible using this package and R code available at the book website(s) below. 2020-02-16
python-symengine public Python wrappers for SymEngine, a fast symbolic manipulation library, written in C++ 2020-02-16
nilearn public Statistical learning for neuroimaging in Python 2020-02-16
jupyterthemes public Select and install a Jupyter notebook theme 2020-02-16
imagemagick public Software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. 2020-02-16
z5py public Lightweight C++ and Python interface for datasets in zarr and N5 format. 2020-02-16
imbalanced-learn public Python module to balance data set using under- and over-sampling 2020-02-16
fmpy public Simulate Functional Mockup Units (FMUs) in Python 2020-02-16
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