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Package Name Access Summary Updated
ncvis public Efficient solution for data visualization 2020-04-02
ipyevents public A custom widget for returning mouse and keyboard events to Python 2020-04-02
sagemaker_containers public Open source library for creating containers to run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-04-02
nionswift-tool public A native launcher for Nion Swift. 2020-04-02
parfive public A parallel file downloader using asyncio. 2020-04-02
simplekml public A Simple KML creator 2020-04-02
cdms2 public Community Data Management System 2020-04-02
r-ggmcmc public Tools for assessing and diagnosing convergence of Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations, as well as for graphically display results from full MCMC analysis. The package also facilitates the graphical interpretation of models by providing flexible functions to plot the results against observed variables. 2020-04-02
sagemaker_mxnet_container public Open source library for creating MXNet containers to run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-04-02
sagemaker-pytorch-serving-container public Open source library for creating PyTorch containers to run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-04-02
sagemaker-mxnet-serving-container public Open source library for creating MXNet containers to run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-04-02
neptune-client public Neptune Client 2020-04-02
bcrypt public Modern password hashing for your software and your servers 2020-04-02
xopen public Open compressed files transparently in Python 2020-04-02
forest public Forecast and observation research and evaluation survey tool 2020-04-02
r-tidytree public Phylogenetic tree generally contains multiple components including node, edge, branch and associated data. 'tidytree' provides an approach to convert tree object to tidy data frame as well as provides tidy interfaces to manipulate tree data. 2020-04-02
pykerberos public High-level interface to Kerberos 2020-04-02
cdtime public Climate calendar manipulation tools 2020-04-02
occt public this is the occ (opencascade) CAD-Kernel 2020-04-02
metview public ECMWF Metview Copyright 2007-2020 ECMWF. 2020-04-02
metview-batch public ECMWF Metview Copyright 2007-2020 ECMWF. 2020-04-02
pybv public A lightweight I/O utility for the BrainVision data format, written in Python 2020-04-02
doppel-cli public An integration testing framework for testing API similarity of software libraries. 2020-04-02
xlutils public Utilities for working with Excel files that require both xlrd and xlwt 2020-04-02
libdrs_f public Data Retrieval and Storage DRS software Fortran library 2020-04-02
ogre public OGRE is a scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++ designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to produce games and demos utilising 3D hardware. 2020-04-02
vim public Vim is a greatly improved version of the good old UNIX editor Vi 2020-04-02
beem public beem is an unofficial python library for steem. 2020-04-02
pyretis public PyRETIS: A well-done, medium-sized python library for rare events, DOI: 10.1002/jcc.24900 2020-04-02
r-irace public Iterated race is an extension of the Iterated F-race method for the automatic configuration of optimization algorithms, that is, (offline) tuning their parameters by finding the most appropriate settings given a set of instances of an optimization problem. 2020-04-02
conda-build public tools for building conda packages 2020-04-02
twilio public Twilio API client and TwiML generator 2020-04-02
holoviews public Stop plotting your data - annotate your data and let it visualize itself. 2020-04-02
cylc public A workflow engine for cycling systems 2020-04-02
cylc-uiserver public Cylc UI Server 2020-04-02
reacnetgenerator public An automatic generator of reaction network for reactive molecular dynamics simulation. 2020-04-02
cylc-ui public Cylc Web UI 2020-04-02
chart-studio public This package contains utilities for interfacing with Plotly's Chart Studio service 2020-04-02
flask-apispec public Build and document REST APIs with Flask and apispec 2020-04-02
dvc public DVC tracks ML models and data sets 2020-04-02
deepxde public Deep learning library for solving differential equations 2020-04-02
s3transfer public An Amazon S3 Transfer Manager 2020-04-02
pysheds public Simple and fast watershed delineation in python. 2020-04-02
cosmosis-standalone public A stand-alone installation of the CosmoSIS project. 2020-04-01
pixy public Unbiased estimation of nucleotide diversity within and between populations 2020-04-01
intel-graphics-compiler public The Intel(R) Graphics Compiler for OpenCL(TM) is an llvm based compiler for OpenCL(TM) targeting Intel Gen graphics hardware architecture. 2020-04-01
jupyterlab public An extensible environment for interactive and reproducible computing, based on the Jupyter Notebook and Architecture. 2020-04-01
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2020-04-01
r-factoextra public Provides some easy-to-use functions to extract and visualize the output of multivariate data analyses, including 'PCA' (Principal Component Analysis), 'CA' (Correspondence Analysis), 'MCA' (Multiple Correspondence Analysis), 'FAMD' (Factor Analysis of Mixed Data), 'MFA' (Multiple Factor Analysis) and 'HMFA' (Hierarchical Multiple Factor Analysis) functions from different R packages. It contains also functions for simplifying some clustering analysis steps and provides 'ggplot2' - based elegant data visualization. 2020-04-01
cvxpy public A Python-embedded modeling language for convex optimization problems 2020-04-01
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