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Package Name Access Summary Updated
terraform-provider-alicloud public The Terraform AliCloud provider 2020-05-29
cub public CUB is a flexible library of cooperative threadblock primitives and other utilities for CUDA kernel programming. 2020-05-29
pangeo-dask public pangeo dask dependencies 2020-05-29
spython public Command line python tool for working with singularity. 2020-05-29
r-dplyr public A fast, consistent tool for working with data frame like objects, both in memory and out of memory. 2020-05-29
caffe public A deep learning framework made with expression, speed, and modularity in mind. 2020-05-29
r-v8 public An R interface to Google's open source JavaScript engine. This package can now be compiled either with V8 version 6 or 7 (LTS) from nodejs or with the legacy 3.14/3.15 branch of V8. 2020-05-29
respx public A utility for mocking out the Python HTTPX library. 2020-05-29
rebound public An open-source multi-purpose N-body code 2020-05-29
hiplot public High dimensional Interactive Plotting tool 2020-05-29
abinit public ABINIT is an atomic-scale simulation software suite. 2020-05-29
eo-learn-io public A collection of input/output utilities and EOTasks 2020-05-29
swot_simulator public SWOT Simulator for Ocean Science 2020-05-29
r-webchem public Chemical information from around the web. This package interacts with a suite of web services for chemical information. Sources include: Alan Wood's Compendium of Pesticide Common Names, Chemical Identifier Resolver, ChEBI, Chemical Translation Service, ChemIDplus, ChemSpider, ETOX, Flavornet, NIST Chemistry WebBook, OPSIN, PAN Pesticide Database, PubChem, SRS, Wikidata. 2020-05-29
dagster public Dagster is an opinionated programming model for data pipelines. 2020-05-29
dagster-pagerduty public Package for pagerduty Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-dbt public Package for Dagster dbt integration. 2020-05-29
dagster-ssh public Package for ssh Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-bash public Package for Dagster bash solids. 2020-05-29
dagster-datadog public Package for datadog Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-spark public Package for Spark Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-twilio public A Dagster integration for twilio 2020-05-29
dagster-k8s public A Dagster integration for k8s 2020-05-29
dagster-postgres public A Dagster integration for postgres 2020-05-29
dagster-github public Github plugin for Dagster 2020-05-29
dagster-pandas public Utilities and examples for working with pandas and dagster, an opinionated framework for expressing data pipelines 2020-05-29
dagster-graphql public The GraphQL frontend to python dagster. 2020-05-29
dagit public Dagster UI 2020-05-29
dagster-slack public A Slack client resource for posting to Slack 2020-05-29
dagster-snowflake public Package for Snowflake Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-prometheus public A Dagster integration for prometheus 2020-05-29
dagster-cron public A Dagster integration for cron 2020-05-29
dagster-papertrail public Package for papertrail Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
dagster-dask public Package for using Dask as Dagster's execution engine. 2020-05-29
dagster-aws public Package for AWS-specific Dagster framework solid and resource components. 2020-05-29
dagster-airflow public Airflow plugin for Dagster 2020-05-29
dagstermill public A Dagster integration for papermill 2020-05-29
dagster-gcp public Package for GCP-specific Dagster framework solid and resource components. 2020-05-29
dagster-celery public Package for using Celery as Dagster's execution engine. 2020-05-29
dagster-pyspark public Package for PySpark Dagster framework components. 2020-05-29
python-chromedriver-binary public Downloads and installs the chromedriver binary version 2020-05-29
pydicom public Pure python package for DICOM medical file reading and writing 2020-05-29
gtk3 public Version 3 of the Gtk+ graphical toolkit 2020-05-29
gillespy2 public GillesPy2 is an open-source Python package for stochastic simulation of biochemical systems. 2020-05-29
tephi public Tephigram plotting in Python 2020-05-29
terragrunt public Terragrunt is a thin wrapper for Terraform that provides extra tools for working with multiple Terraform modules. 2020-05-29
broot public Balanced tree view + fuzzy search + BFS + customizable launcher 2020-05-29
geant4-data-emlow public GEANT4 data files for low energy electromagnetic processes 2020-05-29
r-ghql public A 'GraphQL' client, with an R6 interface for initializing a connection to a 'GraphQL' instance, and methods for constructing queries, including fragments and parameterized queries. Queries are checked with the 'libgraphqlparser' C++ parser via the 'gaphql' package. 2020-05-29
epics-base-static-libs public EPICS Base Library 2020-05-29
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