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Package Name Access Summary Updated
pyomeca public Pyomeca is a python library allowing to carry out a complete biomechanical analysis; in a simple, logical and concise way 2020-06-05
r-littler public A scripting and command-line front-end is provided by 'r' (aka 'littler') as a lightweight binary wrapper around the GNU R language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. While R can be used in batch mode, the r binary adds full support for both 'shebang'-style scripting (i.e. using a hash-mark-exclamation-path expression as the first line in scripts) as well as command-line use in standard Unix pipelines. In other words, r provides the R language without the environment. 2020-06-05
hypothesis-jsonschema public Tools to generate test data from JSON schemata with Hypothesis 2020-06-05
workalendar public Worldwide holidays and working days helper and toolkit. 2020-06-05
lifelines public Survival analysis in Python, including Kaplan Meier, Nelson Aalen and regression 2020-06-05
dust_extinction public Models of interstellar dust extinction curves 2020-06-05
librsvg public librsvg is a library to render SVG files using cairo. 2020-06-05
youtube-dl public YouTube video downloader 2020-06-05
slackclient public Python client for 2020-06-05
plotnine public A grammar of graphics for python 2020-06-05
r-later public Executes arbitrary R or C functions some time after the current time, after the R execution stack has emptied. 2020-06-05
ramscube public Load data from RAMS output files (hdf5) to iris cubes 2020-06-05
pomegranate public Pomegranate is a graphical models library for Python, implemented in Cython for speed. 2020-06-05
terraform-provider-alicloud public The Terraform AliCloud provider 2020-06-05
r-squarem public Algorithms for accelerating the convergence of slow, monotone sequences from smooth, contraction mapping such as the EM algorithm. It can be used to accelerate any smooth, linearly convergent acceleration scheme. A tutorial style introduction to this package is available in a vignette on the CRAN download page or, when the package is loaded in an R session, with vignette("SQUAREM"). 2020-06-05
r-probably public Models can be improved by post-processing class probabilities, by: recalibration, conversion to hard probabilities, assessment of equivocal zones, and other activities. 'probably' contains tools for conducting these operations. 2020-06-05
terraform-provider-keycloak public Terraform provider for Keycloak. 2020-06-05
terraform-provider-docker public The Terraform Docker provider 2020-06-05
msgpack-c public MessagePack implementation for C and C++. 2020-06-05
aiochclient public Async http clickhouse client for python 3.6+ 2020-06-05
pyjanitor public Python implementation of the R package janitor. 2020-06-05
igl public Simple python geometry processing library 2020-06-05
xrootd public High performance, scalable fault tolerant access to data 2020-06-05
tinydb public TinyDB is a tiny, document oriented database optimized for your happiness :) 2020-06-05
python-htcondor public Python bindings for HTCondor 2020-06-05
libcondor_utils public HTCondor utilities library 2020-06-05
htcondor public HTCondor: High Throughput Computing 2020-06-05
htcondor-utils public HTCondor: High Throughput Computing 2020-06-05
htcondor-procd public HTCondor Process tracking Daemon 2020-06-05
htcondor-classads public HTCondor's classified advertisement language 2020-06-05
django-filter public Django-filter is a a generic system for filtering Django QuerySets based on user selections 2020-06-05
pygeoapi public pygeoapi provides an API to geospatial data 2020-06-05
psrqpy public A Python module for querying the ATNF pulsar catalogue 2020-06-05
rust public Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety. This package provides the compiler (rustc) and the documentation utilities rustdoc. 2020-06-05
ngmix public Gaussian mixtures and image processing implemented in python and C 2020-06-05
r-vctrs public Defines new notions of prototype and size that are used to provide tools for consistent and well-founded type-coercion and size-recycling, and are in turn connected to ideas of type- and size-stability useful for analyzing function interfaces. 2020-06-05
terraform-provider-newrelic public The Terraform NewRelic provider 2020-06-05
fsleyes-widgets public A collection of wxPython widgets used by FSLeyes 2020-06-05
pyvis public A Python network visualization library 2020-06-05
pandera public Light-weight and flexible validation for pandas data structures 2020-06-05
owslib public OGC Web Service utility library 2020-06-05
greenlet public Lightweight in-process concurrent programming 2020-06-05
lazy-object-proxy public A fast and thorough lazy object proxy 2020-06-05
pythia8 public A tool for the generation of events in high-energy collisions 2020-06-05
compas public The COMPAS framework 2020-06-05
blosc public A blocking, shuffling and loss-less compression library that can be faster than `memcpy()` 2020-06-05
tranquilizer public Put your Python functions to REST; deploy a REST API with one line by decorating your functions. 2020-06-05
ciecplib public A python client for SAML ECP authentication 2020-06-05
requests-kerberos public A Kerberos authentication handler for python-requests 2020-06-05
sagemaker-pytorch-container public Docker container for running PyTorch scripts to train and host PyTorch models on SageMaker. 2020-06-05
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