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Creation and use of R Repositories via helper functions to insert packages into a repository, and to add repository information to the current R session. Two primary types of repositories are support: gh-pages at GitHub, as well as local repositories on either the same machine or a local network. Drat is a recursive acronym: Drat R Archive Template.

copied from cf-staging / r-drat
Type Size Name Uploaded Downloads Labels
conda 181.0 kB | noarch/r-drat-0.2.2-r41hc72bb7e_0.tar.bz2  2 years and 7 months ago 1600 main
conda 180.9 kB | noarch/r-drat-0.2.2-r40hc72bb7e_0.tar.bz2  2 years and 7 months ago 1607 main

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