cdat / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
vcs public VCS Allows scientists to produce highly customized plots. Everything can be precisely and logically controlled. VCS is specialized toward Earth-science plots. 2020-01-24
wk public Package to compute and draw the Wheeler-Kiladis figures. 2020-01-16
dv3d public A version of DV3D customized for the UVIS framework. Removes dependencies on Qt and vistrails. Integrates structured and unstructured grid plotting. Introduces VTK-only interaction widgets. Integrates all structured grid visualization modes (slice, surface, volume) in a single plot. 2020-01-15
vtk-cdat public The Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is an open-source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphics, modeling, image processing, volume rendering, scientific visualization, and information visualization. 2020-01-15
vcsaddons public Addons to VCS. 2020-01-15
esgf-search public Simple ESGF search interface. 2020-01-14
jupyter-vcdat public No Summary 2020-01-14
esgf-compute-api public End-user API for ESGF compute services 2019-11-19
cdat public No Summary 2019-11-18
esgf-compute-cert public tool to certify ESGF compute servers 2019-06-27
cdp public The Community Diagnostics Package (CDP) is a framework for developing new climate diagnostics. CDP allows for a modular implementation of the components required for running diagnostics. The design of CDP consists of modules to handle the user-defined parameters, metrics, provenance, file I/O, output of results and algorithms for calculating the diagnostics. 2019-06-13
output_viewer public No Summary 2019-06-13
jupyterlab-git public A server extension for JupyterLab's git extension 2019-03-26
django-allow-cidr public A Django Middleware to enable use of CIDR IP ranges in ALLOWED_HOSTS. 2019-03-22
e3sm_nex public A set of tools to use E3SM native grids 2019-03-04
thermo public Package to draw thermodynamic diagrams 2019-02-27
image-compare public No Summary 2019-02-23
vcdat public No Summary 2018-11-15
vcs-js public No Summary 2018-11-08
cdat_compute_graph public A package that extends compute_graph with nodes that handle cdms variables and operations 2018-10-18
compute_graph public Library to assemble a Directed Acyclic Graph representing an abstract computation, and execute it. 2018-10-18
xmgrace public No Summary 2018-04-11
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