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Package Name Access Summary Updated
hisat2 public Graph-based alignment of next generation sequencing reads to a population of genomes. 2020-06-06
angsd public ANGSD: Analysis of next generation Sequencing Data 2020-06-06
bowtie2 public Fast and sensitive read alignment 2020-06-06
sexdeterrmine public A python script carry out calculate the relative coverage of X and Y chromosomes, and their associated error bars, out of capture data. 2020-06-06
vcontact2 public Viral Contig Automatic Clustering and Taxonomy 2020-06-06
plasmidid public Pipeline for plasmid identification and reconstruction 2020-06-06
cell-types-analysis public A suite of scripts for analysis of scRNA-seq cell type classification tools outputs. 2020-06-06
popdel public Fast structural deletion calling on population-scale short read paired-end germline WGS data. 2020-06-06
stringmeup public A post-processing tool to reclassify Kraken 2 output based on the confidence score and/or minimum minimizer hit groups. 2020-06-06
binsanity public Method to cluster contigs based a biphasic method with coverage and composition 2020-06-06
phyloflash public phyloFlash is a pipeline to rapidly reconstruct the SSU rRNAs and explore phylogenetic composition of an illumina (meta)genomic dataset. 2020-06-06
entrezpy public Entrezpy is a dedicated Python library to interact with NCBI Entrez databases 2020-06-06
hiline public HiC alignment and classification pipeline. 2020-06-06
atropos public trim adapters from high-throughput sequencing reads 2020-06-06
mapcaller public MapCaller: combined short-read mapper and variant caller 2020-06-06
rnabloom public Java tool for RNA-seq assembly 2020-06-06
recognizer public A tool for domain based annotation with the COG database 2020-06-06
chira public An integrated framework for annotation and visualization of chimeric reads. 2020-06-06
negative_training_sampler public Generates negative samples with the same GC distribution as the positive samples per chromosome. 2020-06-05
pomoxis public Assembly, consensensus, and analysis tools by ONT research 2020-06-05
sequencetools public Tools for population genetics on sequencing data 2020-06-05
bbmap public BBMap is a short read aligner, as well as various other bioinformatic tools. 2020-06-05
r-minionqc public Quality control for MinION sequencing data 2020-06-05
kcalign public Kalgin-based codon-aware aligner for multiple sequences 2020-06-05
svist4get public A simple visualization tool for genomic tracks from sequencing experiments 2020-06-05
scirpy public A Scanpy extension for analyzing single-cell T-cell receptor sequencing data. 2020-06-05
agat public Another Gff Analysis Toolkit (AGAT). Suite of tools to handle gene annotations in any GTF/GFF format. 2020-06-05
panpasco public Pipeline for pangenome mapping and pairwise SNP distance 2020-06-05
parsnp public Parsnp is a command-line-tool for efficient microbial core genome alignment and SNP detection. 2020-06-05
rmats public MATS is a computational tool to detect differential alternative splicing events from RNA-Seq data. 2020-06-04
samblaster public Mark duplicates in and extract discordant and split reads from SAM files. 2020-06-04
stream public STREAM Single-cell Trajectories Reconstruction, Exploration And Mapping of single-cell data 2020-06-04
msstitch public MS proteomics post processing utilities 2020-06-04
snakemake-minimal public A popular workflow management system aiming at full in-silico reproducibility. 2020-06-04
snakemake public A popular workflow management system aiming at full in-silico reproducibility. 2020-06-04
ena-upload-cli public Command Line Interface to upload data to the European Nucleotide Archive 2020-06-04
fgbio public A set of tools for working with genomic and high throughput sequencing data, including UMIs 2020-06-04
treemaker public A python tool for generating a Newick formatted tree from alist of classifications 2020-06-04
dart public Dart: a fast and accurate RNA-seq mapper 2020-06-04
igv public Integrative Genomics Viewer. Fast, efficient, scalable visualization tool for genomics data and annotations. 2020-06-04
tag public Genome annotation data analysis and management implemented in pure Python. 2020-06-04
tb-profiler public Profiling tool for Mycobacterium tuberculosis to detect drug resistance and lineage from WGS data 2020-06-04
apollo public WebApollo API library 2020-06-04
subread public High-performance read alignment, quantification, and mutation discovery 2020-06-04
moabs public Methylation analysis on Bisulfite-Sequencing reads 2020-06-03
kssd public K-mer substring space decomposition 2020-06-03
artic public ARTIC pipeline - a bioinformatics pipeline for working with virus sequencing data sequenced with nanopore 2020-06-03
gsort public sort genomic files according to a genomefile 2020-06-03
varlociraptor public Flexible, uncertainty-aware variant calling with parameter free filtration via FDR control. 2020-06-03
python-chado public A Python library for interacting with Chado database. 2020-06-03
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