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Package Name Access Summary Updated
bioframe public Pandas utilities for tab-delimited and other genomic files 2020-12-03
metachip public HGT detection pipeline 2020-12-03
alevin-fry public alevin-fry is a tool for the efficient processing of single-cell data based on RAD files produced by alevin 2020-12-03
crisprme public CRISPRme, tool package for CRISPR experiments assessment and analysis. 2020-12-02
feature_merge public Merge features in GFF files 2020-12-02
bioconductor-complexheatmap public Make Complex Heatmaps 2020-12-02
adapt public A package to efficiently design activity-informed nucleic acid diagnostics for viruses. 2020-12-02
megalodon public Nanopore modified base and sequence variant detection. 2020-12-02
artic-tools public A set of tools for working with the ARTIC bioinformatic pipeline. 2020-12-02
kleborate public A tool to screen Klebiella genome assembiles for: MLST sequence type, species (e.g. K. pneumoniae, K. quasipneumoniae, K. variicola, etc.), ICEKp associated virulence loci: yersiniabactin (ybt), colibactin (clb), virulence plasmid associated loci: salmochelin (iro), aerobactin (iuc), hypermucoidy (rmpA, rmpA2), antimicrobial resistance genes, including quinolone resistance SNPs and colistin resistance truncations, and K (capsule) and O antigen (LPS) serotype prediction, via wzi alleles and Kaptive. 2020-12-02
gnali public gNALI (gene nonessentiality and loss-of-function identifier) is a tool for finding PLoF gene variants. 2020-12-02
solvebio public The SolveBio Python client 2020-12-02
parent-map public Analyze parental contributions to evolved or engineered protein or DNA sequences 2020-12-02
jcvi public Python utility libraries on genome assembly, annotation and comparative genomics 2020-12-01
metabinkit public Set of programs to perform taxonomic binning. 2020-12-01
gamma public Tool for Gene Annotation and Microbial Mutation Assessment 2020-12-01
lukasa public Fast and accurate mapping of proteins against eukaryotic genomes 2020-12-01
trnascan-se public tRNA detection in large-scale genome sequence 2020-12-01
sansa public Structural variant annotation 2020-12-01
virsorter public VirSorter2 -- A multi-classifier, expert-guided approach to detect diverse DNA and RNA virus genomes 2020-12-01
genomescope2 public Reference-free profiling of polyploid genomes 2020-12-01
rmblast public RMBlast is a RepeatMasker compatible version of the standard NCBI BLAST+ suite. 2020-12-01
gtdbtk public A toolkit for assigning objective taxonomic classifications to bacterial and archaeal genomes. 2020-11-30
mirge3 public Comprehensive analysis of small RNA sequencing Data 2020-11-30
orthofinder public Accurate inference of orthogroups, orthologues, gene trees and rooted species tree made easy! 2020-11-30
mosca public MOSCA - Meta-Omics Software for Community Analysis 2020-11-30
submission-tool-validator public This tool helps user to validate submissions in the client side before submitting to PRIDE. 2020-11-30
parsnp public Parsnp is a command-line-tool for efficient microbial core genome alignment and SNP detection. 2020-11-30
shortstack public ShortStack: Comprehensive annotation and quantification of small RNA genes 2020-11-29
abnumber public AbNumber - Antibody numbering using ANARCI 2020-11-27
searchgui public User-friendly graphical tool for using proteomics identification search engines 2020-11-27
peptide-shaker public Independent platform for interpretation of proteomics identification results 2020-11-27
seqscreen public SeqScreen was created to sensitively assign taxonomic classifications, functional annotations, and biological processes of interest to single, short DNA sequences (50bp-1,000bp). 2020-11-27
encyclopedia public EncyclopeDIA is library search engine comprised of several algorithms for DIA data analysis 2020-11-27
tb-profiler public Profiling tool for Mycobacterium tuberculosis to detect drug resistance and lineage from WGS data 2020-11-27
methplotlib public Plot methylation data obtained from nanopolish 2020-11-27
bioconductor-bambu public Reference-guided isoform reconstruction and quantification for long read RNA-Seq data 2020-11-27
ganon public ganon: a read classification tool using Interleaved Bloom Filters 2020-11-27
scepia public Single Cell Epigenome-based Inference of Activity 2020-11-27
gimmemotifs public Motif prediction pipeline and various motif-related tools 2020-11-27
matchms public Python library for fuzzy comparison of mass spectrum data and other Python objects 2020-11-27
bakta public Rapid & standardized annotation of bacterial genomes & plasmids. 2020-11-27
medaka public Neural network sequence error correction. 2020-11-26
deepacvir public Detecting novel human viruses from DNA reads with reverse-complement neural networks. 2020-11-26
deepacstrain public Predicting pathogenic potentials of novel strains of known bacterial species. 2020-11-26
deepac public Predicting pathogenic potentials of novel DNA with reverse-complement neural networks. 2020-11-26
biofluff public Exploratory analysis and visualization of high-throughput sequencing data 2020-11-26
ananse public ANANSE: ANalysis Algorithm for Networks Specified by Enhancers - Prediction of key transcription factors in cell fate determination using enhancer networks 2020-11-26
kma public KMA is mapping a method designed to map raw reads directly against redundant databases, in an ultra-fast manner using seed and extend. 2020-11-26
variantmap public Interactive heatmap for multi-sample structural variant analysis 2020-11-26
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