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Package Name Access Summary Updated
zorro public ZORRO is a probabilistic masking program that assigns confidence scores to each column in a multiple sequence alignment. 2019-03-28
zifa public Dimensionality reduction for zero-inflated single-cell gene expression analysis 2018-06-17
zerone public Zerone discretizes several ChIP-seq replicates simultaneously and resolves conflicts between them. 2018-09-05
zeroc-ice public Ice is a comprehensive RPC framework that helps you network your software with minimal effort. 2019-03-13
zagros public No Summary 2018-07-20
yass public No Summary 2018-06-15
yara public Yara is an exact tool for aligning DNA sequencing reads to reference genomes. 2018-09-26
yanc public Yet another nose colorer 2018-06-15
yanagiba public Filter short or low quality Oxford Nanopore reads which have been basecalled with Albacore. 2018-07-06
yamllint public A linter for YAML files. 2017-05-06
yahmm public YAHMM is a HMM package for Python, implemented in Cython for speed. 2018-06-29
yaha public No Summary 2018-06-19
yaggo public Yaggo is a tool to generate command line parsers for C++. Yaggo stands for "Yet Another GenGetOpt" and is inspired by GNU Gengetopt. 2018-06-21
yacrd public Yet Another Chimeric Read Detector, with long-read mapper result as input. 2019-02-24
xyalign public Command line tools and python library to infer ploidy, correct for sex chromosome complement, and work with NGS data 2018-10-31
xxmotif public No Summary 2018-06-19
xxhash public Python binding for xxHash 2018-07-26
xunit-wrapper public Wrap python functions with a decorator to handle building XUnit reports 2018-06-29
xtermcolor public No Summary 2018-07-15
xtandem public No Summary 2018-07-21
xtail public Genome-wide assessment of differential translations with ribosome profiling data 2019-03-13
xsv public A fast CSV toolkit written in Rust. 2018-06-16
xsd public No Summary 2018-06-20
xpclr public Code to compute xp-clr values to detect selection as per Chen, Patterson & Reich 2010. 2019-02-05
xopen public Open compressed files transparently in Python 2019-01-30
xmltramp2 public No Summary 2018-06-16
xmltodict public Makes working with XML feel like you are working with JSON 2017-05-09
xmlbuilder public No Summary 2018-07-15
xmatchview public Genome sequence alignment visualization 2018-12-28
xhmm public XHMM (eXome-Hidden Markov Model). 2018-08-07
xgboost public No Summary 2017-06-07
xdg public Variables defined by the XDG Base Directory Specification 2017-06-30
xcftools public Provides xcf2pnm, xcf2png, and xcfinfo binaries 2017-07-19
xatlas public xAtlas is a fast and retrainable small variant caller that has been developed at the Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center. 2018-10-20
wub public Tools and software library developed by the ONT Applications group 2018-08-15
wtforms-components public Additional fields, validators and widgets for WTForms. 2018-06-19
wtforms-alchemy public Generates WTForms forms from SQLAlchemy models. 2018-12-07
wtdbg public Wtdbg2: A fuzzy Bruijn graph approach to long noisy reads assembly 2019-01-23
ws4py public WebSocket library for Python 2017-06-07
workspace public Workspace Overmind 2018-06-23
womtool public Command line utilities for interacting with WDL 2019-03-16
wkhtmltopdf public wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage are open source (LGPLv3) command line tools to render HTML into PDF and various image formats using the Qt WebKit rendering engine 2016-12-01
wisecondorx public WIthin-SamplE COpy Number aberration DetectOR, including sex chromosomes 2019-03-30
wiggletools public The WiggleTools package allows genomewide data files to be manipulated as numerical functions, equipped with all the standard functional analysis operators (sum, product, product by a scalar, comparators), and derived statistics (mean, median, variance, stddev, t-test, Wilcoxon's rank sum test, etc). 2018-08-01
wheezy.template public A lightweight template library 2018-07-15
whatshap public phase genomic variants using DNA sequencing reads (haplotype assembly) 2019-02-16
wham public Structural variant detection and association testing 2018-09-02
wgsim public No Summary 2018-06-30
wgs2ncbi public Toolkit for preparing genomes for submission to NCBI 2019-04-18
wgs-assembler public No Summary 2017-02-21
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