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Package Name Access Summary Updated
cnv_facets public Detect somatic copy number variants (CNV) in tumour-normal samples using next generation sequencing data 2019-04-19
perl-compress-raw-zlib public Basic utilities for writing tests. 2019-04-19
circos-tools public circos-tools provides several utility add-on scripts, such as for bundling links 2019-04-19
perl-math-random public Random Number Generators 2019-04-19
perl-time-hires public High resolution alarm, sleep, gettimeofday, interval timers 2019-04-19
perl-perlio-gzip public PerlIO interface to gzip/gunzip 2019-04-19
seqhax public A collection of next-gen sequence data utilities 2019-04-19
perl-inline-c public C Language Support for Inline 2019-04-19
amap public AMAP is a multiple sequence alignment program based on sequence annealing. 2019-04-19
perl-pod-checker public No Summary 2019-04-19
metaquantome public Quantitative metaproteomics analysis of taxonomy and function. 2019-04-19
perl-hpc-runner-command-plugin-logger-sqlite public No Summary 2019-04-19
perl-hpc-runner-command public Create composable bioinformatics hpc analyses. 2019-04-19
perl-archive-tar-wrapper public API wrapper around the 'tar' utility 2019-04-19
perl-biosails public Standard(ized) Analysis Information Layers 2019-04-19
perl-dumbbench public More reliable benchmarking with the least amount of thinking 2019-04-19
perl-devel-checkos public check what OS we're running on 2019-04-19
perl-moosex-object-pluggable public Make your classes pluggable 2019-04-19
perl-number-witherror public Numbers with error propagation and scientific rounding 2019-04-19
perl-prefork public Optimized module loading for forking or non-forking processes 2019-04-19
perl-statistics-caseresampling public Efficient resampling and calculation of medians with confidence intervals 2019-04-19
perl-test-lectrotest public Easy, automatic, specification-based tests 2019-04-19
perl-text-ansitable public No Summary 2019-04-19
kronos public Kronos is a highly flexible Python-based software tool that mainly enables bioinformatics developers, i.e. bioinformaticians who develop workflows for analyzing genomic data, to quickly make a workflow. 2019-04-19
ruffus public Light-weight Python Computational Pipeline Management 2019-04-19
group_humann2_uniref_abundances_to_go public Group abundances of UniRef50 gene families obtained with HUMAnN2 to Gene Ontology (GO) slim terms with relative abundances 2019-04-19
slivar public filter/annotate variants in VCF/BCF format with simple expressions 2019-04-19
deepac public Predicting pathogenic potentials of novel DNA with reverse-complement neural networks. 2019-04-18
wgs2ncbi public Toolkit for preparing genomes for submission to NCBI 2019-04-18
perl-version-next public No Summary 2019-04-18
perl-moosex-app public Write user-friendly command line apps with even less suffering 2019-04-18
perl-file-homedir public Find your home and other directories on any platform 2019-04-18
perl-pod-elemental public work with nestable Pod elements 2019-04-18
perl-mixin-linewise public No Summary 2019-04-18
picard public Java tools for working with NGS data in the BAM format 2019-04-18
digestiflow-cli public Command line client for Digestiflow. 2019-04-18
hyphy public HyPhy (Hypothesis Testing using Phylogenies) is an open-source software package for the analysis of genetic sequences (in particular the inference of natural selection) using techniques in phylogenetics, molecular evolution, and machine learning. 2019-04-18
tango public Assign taxonomy to metagenomic contigs 2019-04-18
r-stitch public STITCH - Sequencing To Imputation Through Constructing Haplotypes 2019-04-18
bioconductor-dupradar public Duplication rate quality control for RNA-Seq datasets. 2019-04-17
perl-html-parser public HTML parser class 2019-04-17
perl-pathtools public Tools for working with directory and file names 2019-04-17
mark-nonconverted-reads public A simple filter to mark potential nonconverted reads from methylation experiments 2019-04-17
parallel-fastq-dump public parallel fastq-dump wrapper 2019-04-17
nextflow public A DSL for data-driven computational pipelines 2019-04-17
bismark public Bismark is a program to map bisulfite treated sequencing reads to a genome of interest and perform methylation calls in a single step. The output can be easily imported into a genome viewer, such as SeqMonk, and enables a researcher to analyse the methylation levels of their samples straight away. 2019-04-17
fastp public A FASTQ preprocessor with full features (QC/adapters/trimming/filtering/splitting...) 2019-04-17
pathogist public Calibrated multi-criterion genomic analysis for public health microbiology 2019-04-17
fwdpy11 public Forward-time population genetic simulation in Python. 2019-04-17
r-seurat public A toolkit for quality control, analysis, and exploration of single cell RNA sequencing data. 'Seurat' aims to enable users to identify and interpret sources of heterogeneity from single cell transcriptomic measurements, and to integrate diverse types of single cell data. See Satija R, Farrell J, Gennert D, et al (2015) <doi:10.1038/nbt.3192>, Macosko E, Basu A, Satija R, et al (2015) <doi:10.1016/j.cell.2015.05.002>, and Butler A and Satija R (2017) <doi:10.1101/164889> for more details. 2019-04-16
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