astropy / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
glueviz public Multi-dimensional linked data exploration 2019-08-05
ginga None No Summary 2020-07-21
gammapy None No Summary 2020-04-01
galpy public Galactic Dynamics in python 2020-07-07
feets public feets: feATURE eXTRACTOR FOR tIME sERIES. 2020-07-14
extruder public No Summary 2017-08-09
extinction public No Summary 2020-05-19
emcee None Kick ass affine-invariant ensemble MCMC sampling 2019-11-15
einsteinpy public Python for General Relativity! 2020-07-14
dust_extinction public Models of interstellar dust extinction curves 2020-06-05
corral-pipeline public MVC framework for create trustworthy pipelines 2019-06-06
corner public Make some beautiful corner plots of samples. 2020-07-09
cluster-lensing public No Summary 2018-07-21
ccdproc None Astropy affiliated package for performing optical/IR CCD data reduction 2019-12-25
baseband public A package for radio baseband I/O 2019-03-08
astroscrappy public Speedy Cosmic Ray Annihilation Package in Python 2020-05-23
astroquery None No Summary 2020-06-19
astropy-sphinx-theme public The sphinx theme for Astropy and affiliated packages 2019-04-25
astropy-helpers None No Summary 2017-07-07
astropy-healpix public BSD-licensed HEALPix for Astropy 2019-11-25
astropy public Community-developed Python Library for Astronomy 2020-04-02
astroplan public No Summary 2020-02-16
astroml None tools for machine learning and data mining in Astronomy 2020-02-16
astroalign public A tool to align astronomical images based on asterism matching 2020-07-23
astro-gala public No Summary 2020-03-17
asdf public Python tools to handle ASDF files 2020-07-24
aplpy public No Summary 2020-05-16
agnpy public Modelling jetted Active Galactic Nuclei radiative processes with python 2020-07-21
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