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Package Name Access Summary Updated
websocket-client public WebSocket client for python. hybi13 is supported. 2022-01-20
virtualenv public Virtual Python Environment builder 2022-01-20
watchdog public Filesystem events monitoring 2022-01-20
waf public A build automation tool. 2022-01-20
webencodings public Character encoding aliases for legacy web content 2022-01-20
vispy public High performance interactive 2D/3D data visualization. 2022-01-20
vs2008_runtime public No Summary 2022-01-20
vs2008_win-64 public Activation and version verification of MSVC 9 (VS 2008) compiler 2022-01-20
verboselogs public Verbose logging level for Python's logging module. 2022-01-20
venusian public A library for deferring decorator actions 2022-01-20
vcversioner public No Summary 2022-01-20
vcrpy public Automatically mock your HTTP interactions to simplify and speed up testing 2022-01-20
vc public A meta-package to impose mutual exclusivity among software built with different VS versions 2022-01-20
unicodecsv public No Summary 2022-01-20
ujson public Ultra fast JSON decoder and encoder written in C with Python bindings 2022-01-20
tzlocal public tzinfo object for the local timezone 2022-01-20
typed-ast public a fork of Python 2 and 3 ast modules with type comment support 2022-01-20
typing public Type Hints for Python - backport for Python<3.5 2022-01-20
twython public Actively maintained, pure Python wrapper for the Twitter API. Supports both normal and streaming Twitter APIs 2022-01-20
twisted public An asynchronous networking framework written in Python 2022-01-20
tensorflow public TensorFlow is a machine learning library. 2022-01-20
twofish public Bindings for the Twofish implementation by Niels Ferguson 2022-01-20
trio public An async/await-native I/O library for humans and snake people 2022-01-20
translationstring public No Summary 2022-01-20
traits public traits - explicitly typed attributes for Python 2022-01-20
transaction public Transaction management for Python 2022-01-20
traceback2 public Backports of the traceback module 2022-01-20
tornado-json public A simple JSON API framework based on Tornado 2022-01-20
tornado public A Python web framework and asynchronous networking library, originally developed at FriendFeed. 2022-01-20
tomlkit public Style preserving TOML library 2022-01-20
thriftpy2 public Pure python implementation of Apache Thrift. 2022-01-20
thriftpy public pure python implementation of Apache Thrift. 2022-01-20
thrift_sasl public Thrift SASL module that implements TSaslClientTransport 2022-01-20
thrift public Python bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system 2022-01-20
theano-pymc public An optimizing compiler for evaluating mathematical expressions. Theano-PyMC is a fork of the Theano library maintained by the PyMC developers. 2022-01-20
theano public Optimizing compiler for evaluating mathematical expressions on CPUs and GPUs. 2022-01-20
testtools public Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework 2022-01-20
testscenarios public Summary of the package 2022-01-20
tensorflow-datasets public tensorflow/datasets is a library of datasets ready to use with TensorFlow. 2022-01-20
termcolor public ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal 2022-01-20
teradata public Script powerful interactions with Teradata Database 2022-01-20
tabula-py public Simple wrapper of tabula-java: extract table from PDF into pandas DataFrame 2022-01-20
tensorboard-data-server public Data server for TensorBoard 2022-01-20
tabulate public Pretty-print tabular data in Python, a library and a command-line utility. 2022-01-20
spyder public The Scientific Python Development Environment 2022-01-20
tabpy-server public No Summary 2022-01-20
sympy public Python library for symbolic mathematics 2022-01-20
tabpy-client public No Summary 2022-01-20
srsly public Modern high-performance serialization utilities for Python 2022-01-20
sqlalchemy public Database Abstraction Library. 2022-01-20

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