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Package Name Access Summary Updated
python public General purpose programming language 2019-08-16
futures-compat public No Summary 2019-08-16
conda-build public tools for building conda packages 2019-08-13
xorg-x11-xauth-cos7-ppc64le public (CDT) X.Org X11 X authority utilities 2019-08-13
tensorflow-base public TensorFlow is a machine learning library, base package contains only tensorflow. 2019-08-12
tensorflow-mkl public Metapackage for selecting a TensorFlow variant. 2019-08-12
tensorflow-gpu public Metapackage for selecting a TensorFlow variant. 2019-08-12
tensorflow-eigen public Metapackage for selecting a TensorFlow variant. 2019-08-12
tensorflow public TensorFlow is a machine learning library. 2019-08-12
tensorboard public TensorBoard lets you watch Tensors Flow 2019-08-12
constructor public create installer from conda packages 2019-08-11
scapy public Scapy: interactive packet manipulation tool 2019-08-11
ca-certificates public Certificates for use with other packages. 2019-08-10
xorg-x11-xauth-cos6-x86_64 public (CDT) X.Org X11 X authority utilities 2019-08-10
clangxx_osx-64 public No Summary 2019-08-09
clang_osx-64 public No Summary 2019-08-09
conda public OS-agnostic, system-level binary package and environment manager. 2019-08-08
numba public NumPy aware dynamic Python compiler using LLVM 2019-08-08
zarr public An implementation of chunked, compressed, N-dimensional arrays for Python. 2019-08-08
intake public Data load and catalog system 2019-08-08
jupyterlab_server public A set of server components for JupyterLab and JupyterLab like applications. 2019-08-08
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-08-08
hvplot public A high-level plotting API for the PyData ecosystem built on HoloViews 2019-08-08
torchvision public Image and video datasets and models for torch deep learning 2019-08-08
statsmodels public Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy 2019-08-07
waitress public Production-quality WSGI server with very acceptable performance 2019-08-07
tzlocal public tzinfo object for the local timezone 2019-08-07
toolchain public A meta-package to enable the right toolchain. 2019-08-07
spyder-kernels public Jupyter kernels for the Spyder console 2019-08-07
soupsieve public A modern CSS selector implementation for BeautifulSoup 2019-08-07
snakeviz public Web-based viewer for Python profiler output 2019-08-07
setuptools_scm_git_archive public setuptools_scm plugin for git archives 2019-08-07
scons public Open Source next-generation build tool. 2019-08-07
s3transfer public An Amazon S3 Transfer Manager 2019-08-07
responses public utility library for mocking out the 'requests' Python library 2019-08-07
python-libarchive-c public Python interface to libarchive 2019-08-07
pyramid public The Pyramid Web Framework, a Pylons project 2019-08-07
pytest-remotedata public Pytest plugin for controlling remote data access 2019-08-07
pyface public Traits-capable windowing framework 2019-08-07
pyasn1-modules public A collection of ASN.1-based protocols modules. 2019-08-07
plaster_pastedeploy public A loader implementing the PasteDeploy syntax to be used by plaster. 2019-08-07
paste public Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack 2019-08-07
pandas public High-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools. 2019-08-07
orderedmultidict public Ordered Multivalue Dictionary - omdict. 2019-08-07
opentracing_instrumentation public Tracing Instrumentation using OpenTracing API ( 2019-08-07
more-itertools public More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools 2019-08-07
mklml public No Summary 2019-08-07
mkl_random public Intel (R) MKL-powered package for sampling from common probability distributions into NumPy arrays. 2019-08-07
mkl_fft public NumPy-based implementation of Fast Fourier Transform using Intel (R) Math Kernel Library. 2019-08-07
mkl-dnn public Intel(R) Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (Intel(R) MKL-DNN) 2019-08-07
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