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Package Name Access Summary Updated
alsa-lib-cos6-i686 public (CDT) The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library 2017-09-27
alsa-lib-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Development files from the ALSA library 2017-09-27
atk-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Interfaces for accessibility support 2017-09-27
atk-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Development files for the ATK accessibility toolkit 2017-09-27
cairo-cos6-i686 public (CDT) A 2D graphics library 2017-09-27
cairo-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Development files for cairo 2017-09-27
fontconfig-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Font configuration and customization library 2017-09-27
fontconfig-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Font configuration and customization library 2017-09-27
freetype-cos6-i686 public (CDT) A free and portable font rendering engine 2017-09-27
freetype-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) FreeType development libraries and header files 2017-09-27
gdk-pixbuf2-cos6-i686 public (CDT) An image loading library 2017-09-27
gdk-pixbuf2-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Development files for gdk-pixbuf 2017-09-27
glib2-cos6-i686 public (CDT) A library of handy utility functions 2017-09-27
glib2-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) A library of handy utility functions 2017-09-27
gtk2-cos6-i686 public (CDT) The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs for X 2017-09-27
gtk2-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Development files for GTK+ 2017-09-27
gtkmm24-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Headers for developing programs that will use gtkmm24. 2017-09-27
gtkmm24-cos6-i686 public (CDT) C++ interface for GTK2 (a GUI library for X) 2017-09-27
libdrm-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Direct Rendering Manager runtime library 2017-09-27
libdrm-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Direct Rendering Manager development package 2017-09-27
libselinux-cos6-i686 public (CDT) SELinux library and simple utilities 2017-09-27
libselinux-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Header files and libraries used to build SELinux 2017-09-27
libsepol-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Header files and libraries used to build policy manipulation tools 2017-09-27
libsepol-cos6-i686 public (CDT) SELinux binary policy manipulation library 2017-09-27
libthai-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Thai language support routines 2017-09-27
libx11-common-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Common data for libX11 2017-09-27
libx11-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Development files for libX11 2017-09-27
libx11-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Core X11 protocol client library 2017-09-27
libxau-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Sample Authorization Protocol for X 2017-09-27
libxau-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Development files for libXau 2017-09-27
libxcomposite-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X Composite Extension library 2017-09-27
libxcb-cos6-i686 public (CDT) A C binding to the X11 protocol 2017-09-27
libxcomposite-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Development files for libXcomposite 2017-09-27
libxcursor-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Cursor management library 2017-09-27
libxcursor-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) Development files for libXcursor 2017-09-27
libxdamage-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X Damage extension library 2017-09-27
libxext-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXext development package 2017-09-27
libxext-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXext runtime library 2017-09-27
libxfixes-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X Fixes library 2017-09-27
libxi-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXi runtime library 2017-09-27
libxrandr-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXrandr runtime library 2017-09-27
libxi-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXi development package 2017-09-27
libxrandr-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXrandr development package 2017-09-27
libxrender-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXrender runtime library 2017-09-27
libxrender-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXrender development package 2017-09-27
libxscrnsaver-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXss runtime library 2017-09-27
libxscrnsaver-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXScrnSaver development package 2017-09-27
libxtst-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXtst runtime library 2017-09-27
libxtst-devel-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXtst development package 2017-09-27
libxxf86vm-cos6-i686 public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXxf86vm runtime library 2017-09-27

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