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Package Name Access Summary Updated
untools public Utility Network packaging tools 2022-06-23
arcgis_learn public A Metapackage to simplify installation of the required deep learning dependecies for ArcGIS Python API. 2022-06-22
arcgis public ArcGIS API for Python 2022-06-16
paddleocr public Awesome multilingual OCR toolkits based on PaddlePaddle (practical ultra lightweight OCR system, support 80+ languages recognition, provide data annotation and synthesis tools, support training and deployment among server, mobile, embedded and IoT devices) 2022-06-07
tensorflow-addons public Useful extra functionality for TensorFlow 2.x 2022-06-07
deep-learning-essentials public A collection of the essential packages to work with deep learning packages and ArcGIS Pro. 2022-06-06
py-boost public Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. 2022-06-06
libboost public Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. 2022-06-06
boost public Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. 2022-06-06
libcurl public cURL dynamic libraries and header files. Includes zlib compression and nghttp2. 2022-06-04
ca-certificates-curl public Certificates for use with other packages. 2022-06-04
libnghttp2 public An implementation of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 2 in C. 2022-06-04
arcpy public The Esri ArcPy Python library 2022-06-03
mljar-supervised public Automated Machine Learning Pipeline with Feature Engineering and Hyper-Parameters Tuning 2022-06-03
cryptography public Provides cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers 2022-06-03
openssl-static public OpenSSL is an open-source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols 2022-06-03
gdal public GDAL is a translator library for raster and vector geospatial data formats that is released under an X/MIT style Open Source license by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. 2022-06-02
grpcio public HTTP/2-based RPC framework 2022-06-02
pyjwt public JSON Web Token implementation in Python 2022-05-31
oauthlib public A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic 2022-05-28
cryptography-vectors public Test vectors for the cryptography package. 2022-05-27
xeus public A C++ implementation of the Jupyter kernel protocol 2022-05-27
xeus-python public A Jupyter kernel for the Python programming language based on Xeus 2022-05-27
python public General purpose programming language 2022-05-27
arrow-cpp public Arrow binaries 2022-05-27
openssl public OpenSSL is an open-source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols 2022-05-27
ipython public IPython: Productive Interactive Computing 2022-05-26
fastai public fastai makes deep learning with PyTorch faster, more accurate, and easier 2022-05-26
mpl_test_data public Python plotting package 2022-05-25
mpl_sample_data public Python plotting package 2022-05-25
matplotlib public Python plotting package 2022-05-25
matplotlib-base public Python plotting package 2022-05-25
pillow public Pillow is the friendly PIL fork by Alex Clark and Contributors. 2022-05-25
zlib-ng public zlib data compression library for the next generation systems 2022-05-24
freetype public A Free, High-Quality, and Portable Font Engine 2022-05-24
netcdf4 public Provides an object-oriented python interface to the netCDF version 4 library. 2022-05-23
sqlite public Implements a self-contained, zero-configuration, SQL database engine 2022-05-23
nbconvert public Converts Jupyter Notebooks to static formats 2022-05-23
h5py public Read and write HDF5 files from Python 2022-05-20
conda-proup public Upgrade conda environments for ArcGIS Pro 2022-05-19
conda-pack public Package conda environments for redistribution 2022-05-13
jupyterlab public An extensible environment for interactive and reproducible computing 2022-04-29
dtreeviz public A Python 3 library for sci-kit learn and XGBoost decision tree visualization 2022-04-25
xtl public The QuantStack tools library 2022-04-18
x86cpu public Uses cpuid instructions to get information about your CPU 2022-04-18
win_inet_pton public Native inet_pton and inet_ntop implementation for Python on Windows (with ctypes). 2022-04-18
vs2015_runtime public MSVC runtimes associated with cl.exe version 19.27.29111 (VS 2019 update 5) 2022-04-18
typeguard public Runtime type checker for Python 2022-04-18
torchvision-cpp public image and video datasets and models for torch deep learning 2022-04-18
testpath public Test utilities for Python code working with files and commands 2022-04-18

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