CogSci / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
python-datamatrix public An intuitive, Pythonic way to work with tabular data 2021-11-04
pyqode.core public PyQt/PySide Source Code Editor Widget 2021-10-22
opensesame-extension-osweb public Online runtime for OpenSesame experiment builder (osweb) 2021-10-21
python-opensesame public Graphical experiment builder for the social sciences 2021-10-13
rapunzel public A modern code editor for Python and R 2021-09-29
opensesame-extension-omm public OpenMonkeyMind (OMM) allows OpenSesame experiments to be managed on a central OMM server and deployed to computers running OpenSesame with the OMM client software installed. This package contains the client software. 2021-09-21
pyqode.language_server public Adds python support to pyqode.core 2021-07-28
python-pygaze public A Python library for eye tracking 2021-07-23
python-qdatamatrix public A PyQt4/PyQt5 widget for viewing and editing a DataMatrix object. 2021-06-04
opensesame-extension-language_server public Language-server extension for OpenSesame and Rapunzel 2021-04-06
pyqode.python public Adds python support to pyqode.core 2021-03-26
pylspclient public Language server protocol (LSP) client implementation in Python 2021-01-18
python-qnotifications public Web-style in-app notifications for PyQt4/5 2020-09-14
python-qosf public PyQt widgets for working with the Open Science Framework API 2020-07-03
js2py public Pure Python JavaScript Translator/Interpreter 2020-04-13
opensesame-extension-osf public OpenSesame OSF extension 2019-11-22
opensesame-plugin-psychopy public PsychoPy plugins for OpenSesame experiment builder 2019-11-16
pyspellchecker public Pure python spell checker based on work by Peter Norvig 2019-11-12
python-qprogedit public QProgEdit is a PyQt widget that implements a full-featured text editor component 2019-05-16
python-pseudorandom public A Python library for generating pseudorandom condition/ stimulus lists for psychological experiments 2019-05-16
python-fileinspector public A module to determine file mimetypes 2019-05-16
psychopy public No Summary 2017-07-28
qscintilla2 public QScintilla2 editor libraries for PyQt 2017-02-01
oauthlib public A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic 2016-12-01
humanize public python humanize utilities 2016-12-01
arrow public Better dates and times for Python 2016-12-01
opensesame-windows-launcher public A Windows launcher for OpenSesame 2016-12-01
billiard public Python multiprocessing fork with improvements and bugfixes 2016-12-01
requests-oauthlib public OAuthlib authentication support for Requests. 2016-12-01
pygame public Python library based on SDL for making games 2016-12-01
pyglet public Cross-platform windowing and multimedia library 2016-12-01
webcolors public A library for working with color names and color value formats defined by the HTML and CSS specifications for use in documents on the Web. 2016-12-01

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