Chroxvi / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
memory_profiler None A module for monitoring memory usage of a python program 2017-05-18
pywavelets public No Summary 2017-03-29
magni None Magni: A Python Package for Compressive Sampling and Reconstruction of Atomic Force Microscopy Images 2017-03-01
radon None Code Metrics in Python 2017-02-08
mando None Create Python CLI apps with little to no effort at all! 2017-02-08
quantities None Support for physical quantities with units, based on numpy 2016-12-01
pockets None A collection of helpful Python tools! 2016-12-01
neo None Neo is a package for representing electrophysiology data in Python, together with support for reading a wide range of neurophysiology file formats 2016-12-01
brewer2mpl None Connect color maps to Python and matplotlib 2016-12-01
pathfinder None Pathfinder os.walk for humans 2016-12-01
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