Aramislab / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
deformetrica public Software for the statistical analysis of 2D and 3D shape data. 2019-04-18
clinica public Software platform for clinical neuroimagerie studies. 2019-03-19
duecredit public duecredit is being conceived to address the problem of inadequate citation of scientific software and methods, and limited visibility of donation requests for open-source software. 2019-03-08
citeproc-py public citeproc-py is a CSL processor for Python. It aims to implement the CSL 1.0.1 specification. 2019-03-08
rnc2rng public Converts RELAX NG schemata in Compact syntax (rnc) to the equivalent schema in the XML-based default RELAX NG syntax. 2019-03-08
ants public Advanced Normalization Tools 2018-05-24
petpvc public PETPVC: toolbox for partial volume correction (PVC) in positron emission tomography (PET) 2018-05-24
itk public Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) 2018-05-17
pybids public PyBIDS is a Python library to centralize interactions with datasets conforming BIDS (Brain Imaging Data Structure) format. 2018-05-16
plinkio public This is a small C and Python library for reading Plink genotype files. 2018-05-16
grabbit public Grabbit is a lightweight Python 3 package for simple queries over filenames within a project. It's geared towards projects or applications with highly structured filenames that allow useful queries to be performed without having to inspect the file metadata or contents. 2018-05-16
sharedmem public Dispatch your trivially parallizable jobs with sharedmem. 2018-05-16
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